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Jan-15-2006, 11:47pm
well, it's been a gloomy rainy, snowy, icy couple of days here in the northeast but i got these today from Hans. I almost swallowed my tongue. I was oggling a new guitar purchase, but after seeing these pics, my mind went blank. (guitar, what's a guitar?)


i ordered cocobolo tuner buttons for it.

and now, the one piece back:


Professor PT
Jan-16-2006, 1:01am
You've gotta play the theme to BATMAN when you get it! Will the finish be black by chance? Looks cool.

Jan-16-2006, 1:22am
I like that one! Hans will cause me to sway from my Wheel Kimble allegiance yet. Beautiful F4s and now this.


Michael Lewis
Jan-16-2006, 2:12am
Beautiful design!

Jan-16-2006, 5:27am
Super lookin' critter! Wonder how those ultra wide sound holes will work?


Jan-16-2006, 5:31am
I love the lower rear point reversal. Van has been doing that as well. Been thinking about it myself. Should work fantastic with someone who plays sitting down. (everyone don't play in a band)

Drawing blood with the lower point ain't fun....

Jan-16-2006, 11:33am
definitely under the radar, sneak it over my house anytime!!!!

Jason Kessler
Jan-16-2006, 11:40am

Jan-16-2006, 12:12pm
Finish colors? You just gotta do something wild with a shape like that! Very cool looking mandolin.


Jan-16-2006, 12:17pm
actually i like the black top. burst back. classic, yet contemporary. refreshing.

Jan-16-2006, 5:42pm
that flow from the fretboard to pickguard is just inspiring to look at...Im in the wrong business!

Steve Davis
Jan-16-2006, 5:52pm
Great new design from Hans. I can't wait to see it in finished form. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

Bob DeVellis
Jan-16-2006, 7:18pm
Very nice, indeed, although the tuners seem a bit odd on that headstock.

G. Fisher
Jan-16-2006, 7:37pm
Those are just temporary tuners for set up.

Jan-16-2006, 7:58pm
You've got it bad Mary!

jim simpson
Jan-16-2006, 8:54pm
"Very nice, indeed, although the tuners seem a bit odd on that headstock"
Bob DeVellis

I found the top 2 a bit too long. I wonder if one could take apart another set to swap out for shorter posts? The other option might be to drill the holes a little closer together from the top down.
Certainly not a criticism, I love the way this mandolin looks!!

Jan-16-2006, 9:06pm
Very nice Mandobar. I think you might be raising the "bar" in the Brentrup Club?

Jan-16-2006, 10:12pm
jak, the bar is gone.............i am already plotting #6 in my head.

Jan-18-2006, 12:47am
Okay, so the big question is, "Does Ellen know about this?"

Jim Roberts
Jan-18-2006, 9:59am
Who's Ellen?

Jan-18-2006, 10:15am
i think he means elen, and yes, i think she is quite aware of how out of control my BAS is.

Jim Roberts
Jan-18-2006, 12:25pm
Okay, who's Elen?

Mandobar...is Hans going to install Waverly tuners on your new work of art? Hans is certainly a first class builder and a first class guy, too! Congratulations on adding yet another to your Brentrup herd!

Jan-18-2006, 1:02pm
elen brandt (although she has since married and changed her last name........for the live of me i cannot remember it). elen was the first to sing the praises of hans.

no waverlies. i left the tuners up to hans but had brian dean send him the cocobolo buttons to install.

hans is truly a fine builder, a heck of a guy and he and maureen are two of the nicest people you could ever want to know.

Fred's Mobile Homes
Jan-18-2006, 1:03pm
Are the frets black on this instrument, or are they just not installed?

Jan-18-2006, 1:09pm
i don't think they are installed yet.

Jan-18-2006, 1:36pm
Hans told me the frets on this model will be made out of a black graphite-tungsten composite which will last indefinitely and will extend string life due to their extremely low coefficient of friction. They are also coated with a trituim-phosphor compound which will make the normally black frets glow red in the dark, making it easy to find your fret positions in a poorly lighted campground.


Jan-18-2006, 4:27pm
I heard the pickguard was made out of the B-2 Stealth bomber material that eliminates pick click and makes finger prints and scratches essentially invisible to the Brentrup critic. #Addtionally the tone can sneak up on the banjer player and with a flick of a wrist unleash shock and awe! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif


Jan-18-2006, 7:43pm
Just be sure and post a BUNCH of shots when its finished!!!!

Jan-20-2006, 9:41pm
Mandobar, yes, I did mean Elen. I didn't even know what a Brentrup mandolin was before I saw her posts at the Cafe. She invited me over to play her Brentrup, and the rest is history. She was at the Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival in California last summer, where Hans had about 10 of his mandolins on display. Elen said she saw a certain look in my eyes while I was playing one of Brentrups, and the rest is history. So Mandobar, how about showing up at "SuperGrass" in California in February, Hans will be there, and have your Stealth to show us the progress by then? What is "SuperGrass?" Check it out at the California Bluegrass Associations website. Included will be Loar Fest (also on the website), which reportedly will have about 50 Loars....

Jan-20-2006, 10:04pm
john, i rarely fly and i live on the east coast. i am planning on going out to collect my mandolin if i can free up some time. then i can gorge myself right up close with all those mandolins and finally overdose on Brentrups- NOT!

perhaps Hans will have the Stealth prototype with him at Supergrass.