View Full Version : The Big Picture!

Mar-28-2004, 11:59am
All I able to do is post little thumb nail pic's! Is there a diffrent program that is need to post larger pic's.

I know it's been talked about but any info will help, thanks.


Mar-28-2004, 12:05pm
Try saving them as .jpgs... You might want to look at a free image manipulation program called Irfanview (www.irfanview.com) that will let you save in lots of formats, including .jpg which will be a really small file size.

Bob DeVellis
Mar-29-2004, 9:31am
The limiting factor is the size of the file, not just the dimensions of the image. You can reduce the size of the file while maintaining the image dimensions by reducing the numbers of colors in the image. Some images have millions of different shades of color, others have only hundreds. Fewer colors take up way less file space. Also, some images have a huge number of pixels (picture elements -- the little blocks that make up the image). Scanners often capture images with 600, 1200 or even 2400 dots (or blocks) per inch. Several hundred dots per inch makes a picture look great in a big, printed enlargement but isn't necessary for displaying on the web. 72 dots per inch (DPI) may be fine, depending on the image. To maintain the same image size with fewer blocks per inch, the blocks are made somewhat bigger. At some point, they get so big that you can see that they're blocks. But they can usually be increased a whole lot before that becomes noticable. Software lets you take an image and reduce the color density and the pixels per inch so that the image will still look large when posted but won't be too huge a file. When you save a file to JPEG format, there is often a way to indicate how much color information and how many pixels per inch you want to preserve. Set these as low as you find acceptable and shoot for a file size under 30K. Also, if you have a great digital image saved at high resolution (say, from a scanner or digital camera) and you want to downgrade it to post, be sure to save it in a way that won't copy over the original hig-res file. That way, if ever you need it in high res, you'll still have that version as well as the lower-res version for posting.