View Full Version : Me Weber Maple Gallatin

Jan-12-2006, 6:06pm
Custom Weber Gallatin from the very nice folks at Sound To Earth (http://www.soundtoearth.com)

It now has a Weber armrest tailpiece, not the one shown.

steve in tampa
Jan-12-2006, 6:23pm

Lane Pryce
Jan-13-2006, 8:48am
One of the nicest Gallatins I have seen!! Very nice!!! Lp

Jan-13-2006, 11:12am
Very pretty. I really like the matching arm rest.

Doug Edwards
Jan-13-2006, 12:56pm
Nice clean lines, I really like that natural blonde finish and the matching arm rest too.

Jan-13-2006, 7:14pm
The neck on this mando is being rebuilt, so it's currently with Sound To Earth. As soon as I get it back I'll post new pics to show the new armrest, the new improved peghead, and the tung oil finish on the back of the neck.

So, now I've got a worn (finish is mostly gone at this point) armrest for sale if anyone is interested.

The very kind Weber's are replacing the neck under warranty after the peghead broke off just past the nut. They quickly inspected the mando and decided (giving me the benefit of the doubt) it wasn't from a whiplash injury and were kind enough to make it a warranty repair.

So, not only do they build beautiful mandolins customized to your liking, they're just plain nice people. I highly recommend them (no this is not a paid endorsement, I'm not that good!).

Professor PT
Jan-14-2006, 12:30am
Did it break during shipping? How does that happen otherwise? Did you take it to a frat party?!

Jan-14-2006, 7:40pm
I'm not sure how it broke. I travel all the time (weekly) and it's always in the overhead bin or next to my feet underneath the seat in front of me when I've got a window seat. It was never dropped in or out of the case.

That's what I mean by Sound To Earth giving me the "benefit of the doubt". Bruce Weber himself inspected it and said the potential was there, due to location of the fracture, that it was a flaw in the wood or it was, perhaps, sanded too thin. Either way, they are kind enough to be fixing it for me under warranty and I wouldn't hesitate buying from them again. I LOVE my mandolin; it looks great, smells great, and sounds great.