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Jan-23-2004, 11:28pm
Just got the Robinella & The CC String Band CD today, and I'm listening to it now for about the 3rd time. I had heard them on an archive of the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour download. I noticed the string band on the Mornin' Dove video. They've got a great sound. Robinella and her voice are center stage, and deservingly so, but the band is very good too.

Anyone else listening to them?

Scotti Adams
Jan-24-2004, 8:24am
..I seen her Video on CMT...quite enjoyable..the music was too.....

Jan-24-2004, 11:54am
I have the Cd and like it a lot. Vocals sound a little like Rickie Lee Jones.

Jonathan James
Jan-24-2004, 6:10pm
I just picked up a copy of the CD on www.half.com for less than $3! I couldn't pass up that deal...

Jan-24-2004, 6:57pm
I have to agree. This is some great music.

Jan-24-2004, 8:43pm
i was wondering when someone was going to start a topic on this group. i really like what ive heard, and im gonna hafta check out half.com for another copy for cheap like that. she has a voice alot like billie holiday, i love it.

Jan-24-2004, 10:09pm
Yes they are very good check out these videos on CMT.

<a href="http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/robinella/artist.jhtml" target="_blank">
Robinella </a>


Jan-26-2004, 1:46am
I like the way the CD is organized. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it seems to move from bluegrass, to swing, to jazz and back again. I've been recommending this group for sometime (I think I posted here some months back.), but somehow they just don't seem to be catching on that fast. The price of the CD has dropped a few bucks in the last month, good for us, but maybe not so good for the band's prospects of doing more recording.

Some nice mando work, especially the fills, on that CD. And if you like Robinella, try out Kieran Kane's latest. It's less country rock and more BG and folk oriented.

Darryl Wolfe
Jan-26-2004, 12:09pm
Maybe I shouldn't say anything at all....but...I think one will find a significant difference between their recordings....audio/video and a live performance by this group. They are quite good, but very young and need some stage time to be able to live up to the standard they have laid down on their tracks.

Jan-26-2004, 12:19pm
I must agree with Darryl on that last comment! There is a live taping of them available at KPIG radio. With time I think they will be prove to popular on the festival/acoustic gig circuit.

Jan-27-2004, 11:21am
I saw them at the Kent State Folk Festival and also attended a mandolin workshop there where Cruz Contreras played a little. He sounded great!

Interesting sound...country/swing/folk/jazz. I love it when a plan comes together...

Jan-27-2004, 4:57pm
I liked their song on CMT. Does Robinella play an instrument or does she just roll around in the grass?http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Scotti Adams
Jan-27-2004, 6:57pm
..I hope she just rolls around in the grass....man I wouldnt mow my yard all summer if that was frolicking in it.... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

Jan-27-2004, 8:01pm
My band got to open for Robinella a few months ago...She was pretty easy on the eyes....I think her husband plays in the band as well....FYI... Nice bunch of folks.

Feb-04-2004, 10:27pm
Yeah, that's a really fine record. I'm listening the their Woodsongs broadcast right now, which was recorded before the album was released, and it sounds really fine to me.

Being in and around Knoxville all the time, I can't believe I'd never heard of them until they broke nationally. To hear the music you wouldn't think they're from 'round here, but once she starts talking it's clear she's a East Tennesseean. Sounds kuntry jes like we like it.

Feb-05-2004, 1:17am
Crowder, what is the "woodsongs" broadcast? Something on-line?

Feb-05-2004, 1:32am
I'll answer that... yes. Do a Gooogle for Woodsongs Oldtime Music Hour and that should get ya there.

WV Mike
Feb-10-2004, 8:45am
I got to see them live last year at Mountain Stage in Charleston, WV. I like their sound and she sure is easy on the eyes. Her husband plays the mando in the band. He was playing a fine looking Gibson F Style.