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rudolf the red
Jan-10-2006, 8:20pm
I'm going to UCSC for the third year and am looking for people to jam some bluegrass with...
rudlof the red

Jan-11-2006, 2:18pm
Let me know if you come across any. #I'm in San Jose and wouldn't mind driving over the hill or doing the occasional jam over here as well. #A quick question: Have you attended either of the privious mando symposiums? #I ask because I did attend the 2004 symposium and our paths might have already crossed. #There were a few Santa Cruz folks there.

I wouldn't classify what my wife and I play as Bluegrass although we do jam to many BG songs but more "acoustic" as we trend to jump genres a lot. #We also mix up the instruments quite a bit as I play mando, guitar, mandocello, bass and drums and my wife plays fiddle, piano and hammer dulcimer.

Jam on,
D' #{=}==::::

Brian Ray
Jan-17-2006, 12:40am
I'm in Sunnyvale but do much of my picking on the other side of the hill. I know of one public jam in SC. It's held on the first Sunday of each month @ 2pm at San Lorenzo Park behind the courthouse. I've not been to this one but know most of the folks that go... very good pickers. Evidently (and not surprisingly) there's a better turnout when it's warm and sunny... Here's a google map (http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Water+St+%26+Ocean+St,+Santa+Cruz,+CA+95060 )

Pete Braccio
Jan-28-2006, 11:41pm
Hey Rusty,

I'm down on in Carmel Valley, but I've heard of a couple of jams on your side of the bay. Take a look at the Calendar pages of the Northern California Bluegrass Society (http://www.scbs.org) and the California Bluegrass Association (http://www.cbaontheweb.org/index.asp). You'll find jam listings in Felton, Los Gatos, San Jose, Gilroy, and Palo Alto. Probably some more too.

Have fun,

Pete Braccio
Jan-28-2006, 11:43pm
Sorry Rudolf, not sure where "Rusty" came from.


rudolf the red
Jan-29-2006, 11:42pm
thanks for the info, guys, I appreciate it much.

Jan-30-2006, 10:47am
Man, you guys are lucky to be living down near Santa Cruz. I'll be honest, I'd be out surfing at Pleasure Point if I were you guys!

Feb-04-2006, 12:44am
Nolan Surf is running 15-16 ft @16 sec.Wish you were here? CBA does have good info. Slow jam at the Burmans (sp.) house second Friday of the month? Up in Felton. Jeremy Lampel of Strungover sometimes teaches mando classes up at UCSC. Must be players up there.