View Full Version : DMB In Washington D.C.

Mar-27-2004, 1:27pm
The DMB show at the Barnes of Wolf Trap on 3/24/04 was top shelf as usual, but the real treat was the next day. Ronnie McCoury played at a small bar (The Friendly Inn) outside of Ellicote City MD, with a couple of local musicians. Man he can play. Something about sitting ten feet away from that mandolin at eye level.

Ron Welch

Mar-30-2004, 7:08am
I was at the Friendly Inn on Thursday and totally agree that Ronnie is amazing. The fella that put the show together was Mike Garris-who used to be in the DMB years ago. We were fortunate to be able to go on such short notice.


Mar-30-2004, 7:27am
Boy, that sounds like it was great. Ronnie played on Mike's record a few years ago, did a 2 mando thing with the Dawg. Also on that record was Marc M., now with the Gibson boys.