View Full Version : DMB and King Wilkie, Charlotte 3-26

Mar-27-2004, 6:16am
We didn't realize that King Wilkie would be the opening act for DMB but what a treat to hear this fresh, new talented group from the Richmond, VA area. They did several traditional standards and some of their own music. They were impressive! I look forward to their first nationally released project due out next month on Rebel. I think they are going to be big!

Del and the boys showed why they are the classiest act in bluegrass and drew 3 standing ovations from the standing room only audience. Outstanding show!

I was seated close to the stage so I watched Ronnie most of the time. I am in awe of his speed and innovative technique. He frequently does breaks totally different and more complicated than what you hear on their CD's. On "Rawhide" for example, dispite his blazing speed I was able to see him doing some wild crosspicking, all the while picking the melody line AND many times picking a harmony note. I would have to have at least 6 fingers to play what I saw http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif The guy is a phenom--nobody can touch him.

Mar-27-2004, 9:10am
What did you think of King Wilkie's Fiddle player?

He was in my brother's band for a couple of years - actually he was my brother's band! He is an amazing musician who can play anything by ear on fiddle & mandolin!

I can't wait to hear their new album.


Andrew Reckhart
Mar-27-2004, 11:38am
It's kinda funny, when I saw the DMB I thought it was about Dave Matthews Band. I wondered what Kind Wilkie was doing opening for them, but then again they are both from VA (I think). After reading it I felt pretty silly!

Ronnie is so underrated (even though he is generally regarded as one of the greatest). He is so tasteful on the albums, that people often do not realize how amazing he really is until they see him live. I've seen him do things live that would take Sammy and Thile a day or two to figure out completely. (In all fairness I've seen Sam and Chris do things that would take Ronnie a day or two also!). He is probably my favorite player right now, and he is PURE Bluegrass!

Mar-27-2004, 11:42am
I have seen King Wilkie twice before. When I first saw them I thought "Jamgrass" ala Sam, String, RR Earth, etc but they have stayed acoustic and petty much to the traditional BG sound. I have their first CDs, one is a studio album and the other is a live show. They are both strong. Reid is a very good mando picker, not an O'Brian, not even a Skaggs but he's somewhere in the pack and headed upwards. His real strength is his vocals. I agree with chiroehab the fiddle player is a monster. Nick is VERY strong. My wife (who plays violin) says his technique and speed (though not classical) are impressive. This is a very good group. Wouldn't be surprised if they capture the new artist catagory award this year.

Mar-30-2004, 1:21am
I had the pleasure of meeting Ronnie briefly after their show at Springfest yesterday. Incredible player, and what a nice guy. He really brought me to the mandolin.
I also had the chance to see a number of other good mandolin pickers this weekend, among them the Pinkhams and Mike Marshall. Hearing Ronnie play next to a number of other exceptional musicians what really stood out were both his class and his tone. He seems to know just when to step in and when to step out, and how far to take it.
Tonally, I've heard nobody that compares. Is it the instrument or the player? Even Mike Marshalls Loar didn't seem to have the depth of Ronnies Gil.
And Ronnie has a nice voice as well. I've said it before, I'll sayit again. Del must be one happy daddy.