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Jan-01-2006, 9:48pm
I am musician who is new to the Mando and to Mandolin cafe community. I think it would be a cool idea to gather musicians, in the Cleveland, Ohio area, that wish to develop/advance themselves as musicians, songwriters, and performers. Iron sharpens iron. Is anyone interested in a venue like this? If so, please email me or post a reply to the board, I check it often.

Jan-05-2006, 8:49am
You might want to try contacting Goose Acres in Cleveland. #They've been selling, teaching, and jamming on mandolins (and fiddles, dulcimers, and such) for over 20 years there. #Friendly, and they can hook you up with other players.

2175 Cornell Rd., Cleveland OH, www.gooseacres.com

Jan-06-2006, 4:41pm
Awesome! Thanks so much!


Brian Aldridge
Jan-06-2006, 5:45pm
Get in touch with Doug O'Dell, who builds Old Town mandolins and guitars. He's been there in Lakewood since Hoot was still a pup. dmofiddler@earthlink.net
He should know all about it.

Jan-06-2006, 10:44pm
I may be back that way before i head further west, to see the folks. #I'll jam with ya if i do. West side mostly but i can drive...

Jan-06-2006, 11:31pm
Cool. I'm a westsider too. I'm still learning stuff...lots of work to do.

Jan-07-2006, 3:59am
I'll give ya a heads up when i get my dates figured out...lookin like march/April for now.