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Jan-01-2006, 11:24am
South Shore, massachusetts...anyone? beginner is what I am!

Jan-01-2006, 12:24pm
Try www.bbu.org for BG jams. I've been to a few of them. Some might be a bit of a jump into the sorta deep end for a real beginner but if your adv. beg to low intermediate, you ought to be able to hang on. I think there is one down in Carver; I've never been but hear it's friendly for beginners. bbu also has classes; one is an intro to BG jam course that could get you some practice in a relaxed atmosphere. It's offered every once in a while. Also, subscribe to the nebg mailing list and you may hear about some slow jams people run ad hoc kinda now and then.

-Ken (from Medfield, not quite Southshore, more metro-southwest).

Jan-03-2006, 5:08pm
Here's the link to the nebg mailing list-- http://bbu.org/mailman/listinfo/nebg_bbu.org

There was something about slojams posted just yesterday so if you join, you can check the archive. You can also ask on the list and you'll hit MA players of other BG instruments that might have info for you.

R. Kane
Jan-03-2006, 8:28pm
There are weekly jams in the Fall River/New Bedford area, and more in RI. Country Harvest Restaurant in Little COmpton is pretty regular, and there will be others starting up again in April.

Find the contact info for Frank Silva at this page RI/MA (http://mmcconeghy.com/RIMUSIC/) and ask him to put you on his email list.

Jan-08-2006, 9:26pm
Where on the South Shore are you?

Dave Reiner
Jan-09-2006, 11:47am
You'll also meet a bunch of local players and get lots of chances to jam - slow and fast - if you come to Mandolin Camp North in Groton in April.

http://www.mugwumps.com/mcn.html for info.

Dave Reiner

Jan-23-2006, 7:17pm

Jan-23-2006, 8:35pm
Frank Silva 's email is : tunemakers@cox.net

And to kvk : is your IV kit finished yet ?