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Mike Buesseler
Mar-25-2004, 10:43pm
A little over a week ago, I jumped into another thread regarding the new Collings MF and MT mandos. Today, I have my own MF. #I expect it can get tedious reading an excited owner's ranting about his/her particular instrument. #OTOH, I was looking for just such information as this last week, so I hope this is useful to someone. #To everyone else, I apologize...but,

I LOVE THIS MANDOLIN. #(There. Got that out of the way.)

Seriously, #I think Collings has really hit the nail on the head with these models (I have not seen the MT). #

Here's what I can say objectively (I think) about my MF: #it is mostly about sound, which to my ear is extraordinary. # Ditto on playability. #I can hardly stand to put this mandolin down. # It makes me feel like (and want to become) a better player. #People have said a good mandolin will do that for you--well, now I am a believer.

From my perspective, Collings seems to have made the perfect compromises in this mandolin. #They did not "cut corners." #They seem to have decided what to keep and what to leave out, always with a clear set of priorities aimed at sound and playability.

The slightly unfinished part of the inside of the scroll is not an oversight. #It was a choice, as much as the absence of fingerboard binding. #These things have nothing to do with the sound or feel of a mandolin (btw, I am not saying fancy bindings and trim are #unimportant or in any way negatives). #

The MF gives a player like me--with a limited budget and a preference for a less "dressed up" mandolin--the perfect choice: the wonderful rich sound we know we want at a price we can live with (not exactly cheap...but, under $4K). #

I'm looking at my mandolin in its case right now. # The satin sunburst just seems to glow. #It has that richness you notice on quality leather. Not glossy, but VERY nice. #There are good pictures on the Collings site, or I'd take my own and post them here. #I think this mandolin is beautiful--something like a good violin, which doesn't have ivoroid or MOP. #Just good wood, worked by fine craftsmen.

Obviously, I am smitten and delighted. #If you can't imagine yourself owning a $8000 mandolin, give one of these a try.

Mar-25-2004, 11:00pm
Congratulations Mike! Sounds like a beaut! (and a reasonably affordable one at that....).

I saw (but did not play - afraid I'd walk out with something I couldn't afford!) the MF at my local music shop -- and there was something very appealing about the simplicity of it, combined with that flawless Collings workmanship...



Jim Roberts
Mar-25-2004, 11:26pm
Carolynbeth: #You've got one of the nicest Collings I've ever played! #Can't wait to play it again at Mandolin Symposium this summer.

Lucky you, Mike, and nice job on the review!


Mike Buesseler
Mar-26-2004, 1:08am
Shucks, you folks make me feel like I just had a new grandkid....:D