View Full Version : just in time for Christmas

Dec-24-2005, 4:23pm
juat a few pictures...
it has oil varnish finish, ebony binding & bridge,and engraved tail piece; plays pretty good, tho needs some setup fine tuning....now onto the scratch built F5 project.

Dec-24-2005, 4:25pm
the backside

Dec-24-2005, 4:26pm
side view

Dec-24-2005, 4:27pm
one more; and Happy Holidays to all

Dec-24-2005, 4:27pm
I love the color.

Dec-24-2005, 4:43pm
the final "color" was quite by accident !I need to refine my finishing skills...alot !

Professor PT
Dec-24-2005, 7:56pm
That's what I call a happy "accident." Looks really nice.

Lane Pryce
Dec-24-2005, 9:45pm
Very nice. Lp

Dec-25-2005, 12:23am
I'm going to have to get one of those kits really soon. I like the way these are turning out. Nice job. One question though, is the fingerboard pre-bound? If so, would it be hard to replace the binding?

Dec-25-2005, 3:15am
Great color job. Your "accident" is absolutely masterful.

I'm very curious about what all your "accident" entailed.


Dec-25-2005, 6:22am
Very nice, I would be proud to own it.

Steve Davis
Dec-25-2005, 7:32am
Very nice work. What brand of stain and finish did you use?

Bill Snyder
Dec-25-2005, 11:49am
I'm going to have to get one of those kits really soon. #I like the way these are turning out. #Nice job. #One question though, is the fingerboard pre-bound? #If so, would it be hard to replace the binding?
Yes the fretboard is pr-bound. I don't think it would be difficult to replace the binding though. I am aware of at least one builder that replaced the binding with black to match the binding they chose to bind the rest of the mandolin with.

Bill Snyder
Dec-25-2005, 11:51am
BTW Randy,
I like the color of this mandolin. I did my kit with an amber top and blonde back and sides, but I think that your colors look great.

Dec-25-2005, 12:46pm
the happy accident details :

materials were oil varnish from IV (golden-yellow, red-brown & clear ), along with oil based dark brown & black stain obtained from local woodcraft store.

Initially applied a dark brown oil based stain, but probably should have used a water based type.

This was first mistake, since a thread appeared in builders section about first using dilluted ( 1part varnish, 3or4 parts turpentine to act as a sealer.
Here is what it looked like after staining

Dec-25-2005, 12:47pm
and the back

Dec-25-2005, 12:52pm
Then I applied by hand the sealer coat...big mistake, cuz the dilutted varnish ( golden yellow ), sort od really messed up the oill based stain, as one wouls expect turpentine to do !, Or I didnt wait long enough for the stain to really dry, or combination of both !
'eventually it got to looking like this...

Dec-25-2005, 1:12pm
Then, more fun, as the rubbing out process continued. Apparently I have a heavy hand, even with 400 or 600 wet sandpaper...seemed like every time the surface got smooth, in some areas i'd go rite thru the last layer applied leaving an unwanted "blonde" spot... So i turned to mixing the red-brown varnish with the brown & black stains to try to cover up. This frustrating process went on for several weeks, till finally getting it close to what you see today.
In reality, up close, you can tell the finish should be sanded & leveled better; pictures do lie, a little bit ! And it's something I'll correct when it gets warmer.

Hopefully I've learned some mistakes to avoid on the F5 scratch project.

For all of you still "thinking" about an IV kit ( or any of the others ), take the plunge & just do it. You'll learn alot, make mistakes, and still have a very playable instrument, and one that you can experiment with while carving out the other one.

Thanks for all the kind comments about this "happy accident" and good luck in your building projects.