View Full Version : New cocobolo tuner buttons

G. Fisher
Dec-23-2005, 4:15pm
I just finished putting the new buttons on and they look great. They match the color of the mandolin perfectly. I got them from Brian Dean through the classified ads.

G. Fisher
Dec-23-2005, 4:31pm
Full view the color is a perfect match.

Dec-23-2005, 5:46pm
Chocolatey Goodness!

Dec-23-2005, 6:10pm
What did they cost you they look good!

Dec-23-2005, 7:41pm
Very nice. A nice change from the expected!

Lane Pryce
Dec-23-2005, 7:58pm
Yeah I looked at those too and thought they would be a great addition to my new A5. Lp

G. Fisher
Dec-24-2005, 1:31pm
They were $65 shipped standard mail.