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Jan-23-2004, 8:58am
I am new to the mandolin (or any instrument)and would like to get some intensive instruction. I saw an ad for the Steve Kaufman Mandolin Kamp [sic] in Tennessee this coming summer and wondered if it would be any good. Does anyone know anything about it? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

David M.
Jan-23-2004, 2:50pm
Jorma Kaukonen has the Fur Peace Ranch, an instructional camp in S.E. Ohio that's not only a guitar camp. Barry Mitterhoff teaches the mando portion of the camp and LOTS of other great musicians teach other instruments as well as The Captain, Jorma, who teaches guitar. He's a great player and from what I hear, a wonderful teacher.

www.jormakaukonen.com is his site and there is a link to the FPR. You can check out the class schedules, instructors, etc.

David Mehaffey

Jan-23-2004, 3:05pm
Thanks, David. I just checked the website, and there's only one mando class on this year's schedule. Unfortunately, it is for intermediate level, which I definitely am not----yet! But I'll keep checking it.

Jan-23-2004, 3:32pm
Beginner Mandolin Camp (http://www.ext.vt.edu/resources/4h/northern/adult.html#bootcamp), No. VA 4-H Educational & Conference Center, Front Royal. VA #
April 4-7, 2004

Jan-23-2004, 4:13pm
To Mandocrucian: This looks promising. I'm going to check it out.

Joe Mendel
Jan-23-2004, 10:54pm
Camp Bluegrass is very good, also.

Jan-24-2004, 9:27am
And don't forget the Augusta Heritage workshops in West
Virginia. Five weeks of classes with different themes each week. I have been to bluegrass week twice (once in the mandolin class, once in the bass class), and this year I'm going to Irish week for mandolin. Great people, great food, great pickin'.:mandosmiley:

Jan-24-2004, 2:48pm
The Rockygrass academy has an awesome mando camp. So far this year it looks like the teachers will be John Reischman and John Moore. Last year there were three teachers so they might get another one yet. There are novice, intermediate, and advanced classes. Check it out on the Planet Bluegrass website: www.bluegrass.com.

Jan-24-2004, 3:36pm
If you are really serious about playing(and all it involves) Go to Niles Hokkanen's Camp. I've been to Kaukman's Kamp twice. Had a great time. Don't expect to leave there (or camps like that) being a better player. You will leave with the knowledge of how to...

Jan-24-2004, 5:02pm
Thank you all. Texas and Colorado are a bit far for me (I live in NW PA), but the rest are appealing. I am probably more a novice or a pre-beginner than a beginner (I hadn't realized there was a distinction until I started looking at these camps), but I am very serious about learning to play the mandolin.

Mar-22-2004, 5:56pm
Anyone ever take a lesson from Steve Smith? He's coming to Portland and I've not heard much by him.
Eric http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Jim Roberts
Mar-22-2004, 7:07pm
Eric: #Steve Smith is top-notch. #I think he's going to have a mini concert at MandoMedic's shop soon.

Mar-22-2004, 8:16pm
I second Augusta if they have a beginners class.Its a great venue with abunch of good folks

WV Mike
Mar-22-2004, 8:44pm
I'm going this one that's also in WV. #It will be my first camp. #My choice was between this one and the Augusta Workshops. #

I chose this one for it's focus on WV styles and all WV instructors. #I've heard great things about both of them. #Lord's willing..I will be in the traditional mando class the end of June.


Good luck finding a good one in your area.


Mar-22-2004, 9:20pm
I think roland white was teaching beginner mando last year @ Augusta, butch baldarassi was doing advanced. they had bill kieth teaching banjo. I'd go with augusta just for the chance to be in a jam with someone like bill kieth, as i did last summer


Don Christy
Mar-22-2004, 10:07pm
Anyone have any recommendations for a camp or festival near St. Louis, MO? I'm definitely a beginner, though I've had about 4 months of lessons - mostly old time fiddle songs.