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Dec-17-2005, 4:04pm
Hi, Can anyone tell me anything about this bandurria? The scale length is 12" and it has 12 frets.

I know someone trying to sell it and they didn't know what is was or even how much it could be worth. I've enlightened them that it is a bandurrio but that is all I know.


Bill Snyder
Dec-17-2005, 11:46pm
Broook do you have a larger photo?

Dec-18-2005, 12:13am
Sorry, I'm new to this, is that better?


I'm thinking of buying it as I love musical instruments, especially unusual ones like this. At first I thought it was a 12 string mandolin but now realise it is a bandurrio. Funny that the bandurrios in the Phillipines have 14 strings!

I played the flute at high school and taken it up again recently. I've dabbled with guitar and would like to own the bandurria just because it is a beautiful instrument and looks very functional too. She said there were no cracks and all the string tuners worked as she was playing with it last night.

There are some scratches/marks in the paint? laquer? on the end but otherwise looks to be in good condition. No markings on it at all.

She said her Dad got it on some of his past overseas travels.

BTW I have a friend who plays/sings Irish music with her husband and plays the mandolin as one of the many instruments she plays.

Dec-20-2005, 4:03am
I've googled all I can about bandurrias and it seems in the Phillipines it is spelt banduria, with one "r", and has 14 strings. Interesting how instruments have changed/developed over time and distance.

She said her Dad got the bandurria while overseas on duty (we both live in New Zealand) but she doesn't know where exactly.

I'd like to buy it but don't know how much to offer......any ideas? or even what vintage it might be??

I was listening to a CD of Xmas carols in the operating theatre where I work and the carols sounded Celtic or Middle Eastern at times. I looked at the cover to see the instruments included a lute, as well as harpsichord (Celtic) and oboe (sounding like the Middle Eastern wind instrument whose name escapes me).

I'm also interested in Middle Eastern music as I do bellydancing and play around with the tabla. I love the 7 time and 5 time rhythms. As an aside, did any of you know that the only modern/popular song written in 7 time (7/4? or even 7/2?) is Pink Floyd - Money.

Sorry, this is a mandolin forum and I have got carried away with music in general...

mad dawg
Dec-20-2005, 4:18am
It looks like you can get a new one (although not in that interesting black finish) from larkinthemorning.com for $345US - $550US (~$500NZ - $800NZ), but I have no idea how these play, nor how yours might compare to them. I wonder if you might want to start with an offer of half the lower price, and see where that takes you?

(BTW, justrings.com has bandurria strings if you end up buying it and need a source.)

Jim Garber
Dec-20-2005, 9:28am
Sorry, this is a mandolin forum and I have got carried away with music in general...
Actually, the introduction and subsequent popularity of the mandolin in the US in the later 19th century was due to a touring group playing bandurrias called the Spanish Students. There were quite a few copycat groups but they usually played mandolins, starting a craze at the time.

Here are a couple of links you may have missed:
Bandurria FAQ (http://www.trioassai.com/bandufaqe.html)

Bandurria Information (http://www.instrumentworld.info/info.php?id=bandurria)



Dec-20-2005, 10:36am
its cool man
what woudl happen if you whipped that thing out for a couple of tunes at the show?