View Full Version : Pentatonic Drills?

Ashville Picker
Dec-02-2005, 5:30pm
A while back someone posted the Guides and Gravity circle of fifths' approach from Jazzmando.com http://jazzmando.com/g&g4.pdf as a way to practice using all fingers, especially the pinky. I printed it and have played it to warm up for over a year. I highly recommend it to any beginner picker.

Now, I am understanding that intimate familiarity of the Pentatonic Scales is a good path to better improv. My question: Is anyone aware of a tab drill based upon pentatonic scales; something similiar to the Guides and Gravity? Thanks.

Dec-02-2005, 6:09pm
Pentatonic Mandolin (http://www.elderly.com/books/items/46-16.htm) (Elderly Instruments)

Dec-02-2005, 9:20pm
Amen. You have paypal mandocrucian? I'd like to pay for my illegal copy.