View Full Version : Jams in NYC

Chris "Bucket" Thomas
Dec-02-2005, 9:54am
Are there any jams/pick'in get-togethers in NYC?

Where? When?


Tom C
Dec-02-2005, 11:10am
You can try The Baggot Inn (http://www.baggotinn.com/baggot.html) on West 3rd street. Looks like some kind of bluegrass jam there on Wednesdays. And from I've heard Chris Thile now lives in NYC not far from there.

Dec-02-2005, 11:22am
Chris Thile dropped in for the jam the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving at the Baggot Inn. He also played there the next Friday. It is a very loud jam.
Another good BG jam is at Paddy Reilly's (2nd Ave & 29th St.) on Sundays at 5PM.