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Nov-30-2005, 12:17pm
Looking for people interested in getting to together to jam in the North Central part of Pennsylvania. I am located about 80 miles North of Harrisburg.

Kevin Briggs
Nov-30-2005, 9:29pm
I currently live in Lancaster, but may move over by Dubois sometime soon. Is that anywhere near you? Or, are you more like Lockhaven area?

At any rate, here's a link you'll like: http://www.icdc.com/~fmoore/edspage.htm

Kevin Briggs
Nov-30-2005, 9:46pm
Using that link, the one in Jerseytown seems to suit you: Jerseytown, PA Jam: Every 3rd Sunday monthly from Sept. to May , and Starts at 10:00am til

whenever (5 or 6) at Jerseytown Comm. Ctr., Jerseytown ,Pa. Contact Walt Laubach 570-437-2227 for more info.

Here's on ein Altoona: 1st Saturday, Sept - May
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Calvary Baptist Church, 810 Ruskin Drive, Altoona, Pa.
814-940-8352 or Rev. Ron R. Anderson, pastrron@altoonanet.com

Here's some more good links, with places like Meiserville and Wellsboro:


Dec-01-2005, 4:22pm

I'm in Hummelstown, just up the road from you. We should get together. I think I remember that you have a Weber. I had a custom Yellowstone built for me a year ago. Webers are great!!! Let's get together for some jams..

Daniel Nestlerode
Dec-06-2005, 12:29pm
I grew up in central PA (State College), my family is from north central PA on my Dad's side. In fact he and 2 of his siblings still own about 55 acres up on Little Pine Creek above Waterville. So I know a LOT of names of little towns in that area but I had never heard of Jerseytown --JerseySHORE, but not Jerseytown. So I looked it up.

Jerseytown: Population 150. 99% white 1% native american (1% = 1.5 people. huh?) 48% male 52% female, mostly over 40 years of age. Saaa-aa Lute! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

You learn something new everyday!

I'll be in central PA this summer for a family reunion up around Waterville. Would love to jam. I'll keep an eye on the board.