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Jan-21-2004, 11:05pm
I put D'addario FT-74 strings on my mando recently and had some issues with the A strings. First, one of them broke, so i replaced it with the j-62 a string. Then i noticed the other a string was pinging, so i replaced it with a j-62 string. Could this be from a needed adjustment in my nut for the wound a string that comes with the ft-74.

Jan-22-2004, 10:27am
if it broke at the nut that could be. have you tried putting pencil graphite in the nut slots when you change strings that might help. some times a mismatch in strings will cause them to buzz off of each other . the nut slot idea is good too though... you could put some paper in the nut slot to see if that tightens up the string in there to prevent buzz

I've had those As break prematurely before but the last set I used for months until the winding was starting to break down over the frets. They have a nice feel to them but I'm not wild about the sound.

Jan-22-2004, 11:21am
Not trying to "Dog" the Flattops here, but Jeff Parker (LRB) had a case of Flattops. Broke strings every time he played a set on them. Could have been a bad batch though.

Jan-22-2004, 11:56am
I've never broke one and I've got a heavy right hand.

Jan-22-2004, 7:25pm
mandolooter: me too...I play hard and have never broken a string of any sort...(except a couple during replacing strings when I wasn't paying attention. I like the flat tops. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Jan-22-2004, 11:58pm
I too have a fairly heavy right hand and have never broken any string, while playing Flat tops and I've been playin on em for awhile now.

I really like the flat tops on my mandolin, they tend to bring out the dark bassy tones that are my mandolins strong point.

Jan-23-2004, 10:09am
Thanks all. I liked the flat tops, but they are about double the price of the 62s, so it would be good if i could buy just individual strings. Is this available online anywhere?

Jan-23-2004, 9:09pm
juststrings.com has just about any single string you would ever want to purchase (brand and model)...full sets of strings, too, of course.

Jan-25-2004, 2:02am
Flattops may be of benefit if you do sliding notes as there will be less noise, string zipper, when mine broke , I got out the digital calipers.
The core wire measures .009 and so is more like an extra light E on a set for your lightly made classical taterbug. BeneSugg: buy spare As of the normal plain guage. .014 or .015

Feb-10-2004, 11:01pm
I've used flat tops on my instument's for a couple of years...I must like e'm...I play alot and I do break the 'A' string more than I want ...always a pain in the arrg!,when your picking ..anyway,
The 'A' string .015,seems whimpy at times..mandola "A' .016..seems like it would work better.

Has any one tried this and is it too much string for the mando A string?

Boy these things are expensive and I get pretty good deals but I buy the 'A' stings by the dozen anyway !

A banjo player can buy a set of strings for what thay want list for on one of the 'A' stings...... who's the slow one?

and in a set of flatops they should give you an extra 'A' string!!

O.K a hidden coupon for a new D'Addario F-5 stradafern model..with radiased peghead/neck,vintage friction pegs

I,m still using e'm


John Flynn
Feb-10-2004, 11:11pm
I am getting ready to try the flattops. I have two sets on order. How did you like them and for what kind of music?

To be fair on the breakage issue, I don't break many strings, but I have broken A strings on both J74s and J67s (the A's are the same on both sets) so none of them are immune.

Feb-10-2004, 11:53pm
I just strung up a new set of flattops. I had TIs on before, and I liked the playability and how they stayed in tune, but the volume just wasn't quite there. They were fine unless I really wanted to drive the volume. They didn't have as much punch as other strings. I didn't have to tune them twice per song either though. I'm hoping the flattops will hold their tune. I certainly like the tone, and I like the "smoother" feel. I'm able to play a little faster than I can on round wound strings. Of course, the TIs had that advantage as well. The flattops have more "woof!" to them. I might be in love! Give me a couple weeks to decide.