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Scotti Adams
Nov-26-2005, 7:14pm
..I think so..

Nov-26-2005, 7:23pm
I'll bite... This isn't Rose 29 again. That one was quilted if I remember. Has MAS hit you pre-Christmas, Scotti?


Scotti Adams
Nov-26-2005, 8:15pm
..nope..not #29....and yes..MAS has stricken' again..this is #29...

Nov-26-2005, 8:30pm
I like that finish. Got any of the front?

Scotti Adams
Nov-26-2005, 8:48pm
...lets just say Im on the list again....I will post some more pics tomorrow...thanx!

Nov-26-2005, 9:17pm

Man, that's just yummy! I love the low gloss on the finish, just right.

I think you have been mis-diagnosed, though. The definition of MAS just doesn't fit your MO. We on the board here must come up with a new clinical description for the obsession to search, procure and/or build the perfect mandolin. (I think the picture of that back would qualify, by the way.) http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

I am on the list for an A style with Chris Baird. The picture above is what I hope to look like when that one is finished.

Thanks for sharing!

Nov-26-2005, 10:39pm

Out of curiosity, you wouldn't be on a Kimble waiting list, would you? Or, are we going for another Rose?


Scotti Adams
Nov-27-2005, 10:23am
..Im stickin with my man Darby.... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Nov-27-2005, 12:10pm
Nice... I saw, and heard, Darby's latest at the LRB concert in Berryville, VA, a few weeks ago. Scotti, what's the wait for a new Rose and how's the fir in #29 opening up?

Rose #16

Scotti Adams
Nov-27-2005, 2:45pm
Shaun,,this is the mando that Jeff Parker played in Berryville....its available. My Fir topped Rose has matured very nicely....Im gonna hate to see her go...Darby has about a 5 month wait.

Scotti Adams
Nov-27-2005, 2:57pm
..as promised

Scotti Adams
Nov-27-2005, 3:01pm

man doh
Nov-27-2005, 3:13pm
My Fir topped Rose has matured very nicely....Im gonna hate to see her go...Darby has about a 5 month wait.
Where is she goin to???

Scotti Adams
Nov-27-2005, 3:15pm
..dont know...whom ever may buy it when the time comes 5 months from now.... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Nov-27-2005, 3:51pm
Why sell? Or is that a rhetorical question? The only other place I've seen such pretty wide grained tops are on Teens Gibsons. Not quite the tone you were hunting?


Scotti Adams
Nov-27-2005, 4:13pm
...#29 is a great sounding mando...not one thing wrong with it....just chalk it up as a bad case of MAS...The only way I can afford another is to sell this one....Im going for more of a Cremona color in the new one..more Loarish looking...pretty much like the one pictured above. Believe me..if I could afford not to sell #29 to finance a new one thats what I would be doing. Who knows...maybe my finances will be to the point in 5 months where I would not have to sell it. Besides...why be stingy...someone else would love such a fine mando.

Dec-11-2005, 9:45pm
Just for the record, the mando in all of these pictures (except for the second picture that has the mando with the quilted back) is Rose #31. I know this because it's sitting behind me on my couch.

Took my mando back to Darby for some fretwork, and he graciously offered to let me play this one while he has mine.

And yes, it sounds great. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Scotti Adams
Dec-14-2005, 9:03am
..Hey John..how does #31 sound?

Tom C
Dec-14-2005, 1:12pm
I never knew #29 was a fir top. I remember it being a wide grain though.
Lookin' good.

Dec-14-2005, 4:41pm
This one (#31) has a spruce top (I think Darby said Italian Spruce, but I wouldn't bet the farm on my memory here).

How's it sound? It sounds really good. It's near-impossible for me to give an accurate written description of any instrument's tone, though (yeah, I would have made a lousy wine critic, too). I told Darby that I'd try to record and post some sound clips soon so people can hear for themselves.

I've played 5 or 6 Roses, and seem to prefer the sound of the fir-topped ones. That's mainly because mine has a fir top and really has a gorgeous (and very distinctive) voice that I can't really describe. But: if you're willing to suffer through a few minutes of my lame playing, you can hear a couple of clips of mine (#25) (both rhythm and lead tracks were played on the same instrument):


I'll try to post some clips of #31 soon so folks can compare the two.


Jan-21-2006, 7:54pm
Re: the mando pictured in this thread (#31, which is still on loan to me while mine gets some work done). I told Darby that I'd post some sound clips of it. Here's one, recorded quick-like last week:


Someone else is playing the mando; I'm the one butchering the guitar part.

More later...

Scotti Adams
Jan-22-2006, 11:06am
,,,sounds purdy good for being a fairly new mando..

man doh
Jan-22-2006, 11:36am
So did you sell the quilted oneb with fir?

Scotti Adams
Jan-22-2006, 1:00pm
..I shipped it out friday....

Jan-22-2006, 6:55pm
Scotti - Great- let us know what you think of the new one. Staying with a fir top?

I still have Rose #30 although it is for sale locally (I don't have it on the cafe). MAS has bit pretty hard.


Scotti Adams
Jan-24-2006, 5:25pm
No Leo..Im going with a spruce top this time....although I will say that the fir top is a very good sounding piece of wood..in all honesty...probably the best sounding mando I have ever owned....Im thinking red or Italian...thats the whole thing that makes dealing with an independent Luthier so much fun..the picking and choosing of the pieces.