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Mar-23-2004, 2:08pm
On Rigel's website, the sample sound clips are of a song titled "This I Know" I think. Anyone know where to get the tab or notation for this? Great tune! Thanks.

Mar-23-2004, 11:50pm
Hey freddyu, I posted a thread elsewhere asking about that tune (and any other information about Peter Mix). #

So, how did you even know the name of the tune?

Maybe someone in the know will see these questions. #I could probably tab out the fragment from Rigel' s site--SLOWLY. But, playing it up to Peter's speed is another matter. #And there must be more to the tune....

Does anyone know anything about this tune or Peter Mix. #Try a search for him...nothing.

Mar-23-2004, 11:53pm
Btw, I heard directly from Simon Mayor that Peter is the first American to buy a mandolin from Mike Vanden. #If you've heard any of Simon Mayor's playing, he's playing a Vanden....gorgeous.

Mar-24-2004, 9:03am
Go to the Rigel web. They have added some additional sound clips, and one longer one of this tune being played on the Jethro(?) model mandolin followed by "This I Know". I emailed Rigel to see if they could provide tab or notation but didn't get a response.

Mar-24-2004, 3:34pm
Well, I did go to Rigel's site, listened and then sent an email. #I got back the warmest response from Peter Mix himself that you could ever ask for.

He sent me the basic chord structure of #that tune, some ideas of where he takes and it and some history of the song!

He also pointed me to a section of Co-Mando where you can hear him play a bunch of top end mandolins.


Check it out. #What a warm and friendly guy. #And what a player!!

Mar-24-2004, 7:13pm
I'm sure Peter won't mind me posting the info he wrote me about "This I Know"....

> The A section is built around A, D & E chord inversions that are fingered thus:
A: 6th fret G-string (third finger) #2nd fret D-string (1st finger) #A & E strings open
D: 7th fret G-string (4th finger) # 4th fret D-string (2nd finger) #A & E strings open
E: 4th fret G-string (2nd finger) #6th fret D-string (4th finger) #2nd fret A-string (1st finger) #open E-string

I then slide those chord-shapes up to the 11th fret and play the same line in D. There are several other sections as well. The left hand is fairly simple, the right hand is doing most of the work.

Mar-25-2004, 8:33am
Mike B- Great work dude! Thank you. Can't wait to see what I can do with it.