View Full Version : New BRW In Progress

Nov-25-2005, 4:46pm
A few pictures Ben sent of my mando in progress. It is drying now and should be delivered the week after Thanksgiving.

Nov-25-2005, 4:50pm
Front binding installed.

Nov-25-2005, 4:51pm
Inlay routing.

Nov-25-2005, 4:53pm
Ben took this pic in black and white, his flash was acting up and made everything orange so he took this shot, kind of a cool effect.

Nov-25-2005, 5:18pm
Say, I saw your mando-in-progress just under three weeks ago. Enjoy. I'm sure it will be yummy.

Nov-25-2005, 7:01pm
Thanks Eugene, I'm really chomping at the bit right now, especially seeing pictures of #53.

Baron Collins-Hill
Dec-03-2005, 4:59pm
well, any news?

Dec-03-2005, 6:46pm
Well there was a little delay, Ben will finish the buffing on Monday so hopefully just a few more days now. He sent me a couple quick shots to show the color this morning but I have not had a chance to post them yet, hopefully will be able to do that tomorrow.

Dec-04-2005, 10:50am
Here is a small sample Ben sent showing the color and quilt.

Scotti Adams
Dec-04-2005, 3:06pm
...looks mighty fine Dave....

Dec-04-2005, 4:36pm
Beautiful! He makes some mighty fine mando's both in beauty and playability..

Ken Berner
Dec-04-2005, 4:40pm
How absolutely astounding that quilting is; where do I sign up? I am fascinated by "quilted" maple!

Scotti Adams
Dec-04-2005, 4:52pm
..kinda puts me in the mind of this one...Quilt is a very beautiful thang..

Dec-04-2005, 5:39pm
I am anxious to see the whole thing. The thing I like about quilt is it looks 3 dimensional.

Scotti Adams
Dec-04-2005, 5:50pm
..I know how you feel Dave....having a new mando on the way is such a great thing.....for us players we are lucky to have such a vast array of builders to choose from.....Im anxiously awaiting my new one...

Dec-04-2005, 6:16pm
Scotti, are you going to stay with fir on your next one?

Scotti Adams
Dec-04-2005, 8:46pm
..nope..Im going Spruce on this one.....dont ask me why ....just something Im doing..... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif ..I aboslutely love the sound of the Fir top..but..Im going more traditional on this one in looks and wood..