View Full Version : Jam Session s in LA?

Rich Michaud
Nov-24-2005, 6:52am
I will be in the LA area for my first time next week. Are there any places to play/jam on Monday, Tues or Wed nites? I don't mind driving up to two hours to get there..
Rich Michaud

Rich Michaud
Nov-26-2005, 6:37am
Is there anybody out there who would like to jam with a Boston picker in the LA/Orange county area this coming Tues or Wed nite? I will be in the are for business and will have my trusty mando and would be happy to jam a few tunes with anyone willing... Rich

Nov-28-2005, 2:38am
sounds like fun, but i've got things cooking all week. #(going to see Mr McCartney on Tues!). #sorry So Cal is skunking your request.

Rich Michaud
Nov-28-2005, 4:33am
Hey Eric, thanks for at least getting back to me. I was wondering if LA and mandolins don't mix. Rich

Nov-28-2005, 1:29pm
yes the sad truth is that LA is one of the biggest urban megaoplis on the planet, yet it seems to have a thin mando community. dang!

at least stop by McCabes in Santa Monica. they have lots of fun things with strings.

Jan-24-2006, 7:57pm
Big Ventura Jam every 2nd and 4thh Thursday. 30 to 50 pickers!