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Nov-23-2005, 12:30am
I've probably heard this tune plenty of times before at many dances, but something about the version Grub Springs by Rhys Jones and Christina Wheeler (their CD is Starry Crown (http://vigortonerecords.com/catalog.html) on Vigortone Records) really gets me moving.

Here's a version of the tune I found on the web, then slightly modified it. Put a little swing into it, play it at a good clip, and have fun with it.

X: 1
T:Grub Springs
"A"[A,2E2] AB c2 cB | cBAF E2 [A,2E2]|[A,2E2] AB cBAB | cBAF E2 [A,2E2]|
"A"[A,2E2] AB c2 cB | cBAF E2 A2 | c4 A4 | "D"FE F2 "A"E4 :|
|:"A"e4 e4 | "D"f2 fa fe c2 | "A"e4 e4 | "D"fefg a4 |
"A"[c3e3] [de] [c2e2] [d2f2]-|"D"[d2f2] fa fe c2 | "A"e4 "E"[B4e4] | cBAF "A"E4 :|

Nov-23-2005, 12:37am
Here's an uptempo Quicktime "hinted movie" sound file of the tune. This is really kind of bare bones - add to it and enjoy!


Nov-23-2005, 9:07am
Boy, Starry Crown is a terrific disc!

Nov-23-2005, 12:30pm
There are some sound clips available at the Starry Crown (http://vigortonerecords.com/Starrytracks.html) details page at Vigortone.

Grub Springs just jumped out at me as a tune that was easy to learn, fun to play, and great to dance to.


David M.
Dec-01-2005, 10:08am
PhilGE, you couldn't put up a windows media file, could you? My PC at the office here doesn't have QUicktime.

I've heard someone else do this tune, maybe Molsky?


David M.
Dec-01-2005, 10:16am
Did a google and came across a good, spirited MP3 version of Grub Springs.


Played w/Uncle Earl, so it must have Reyna Gellert on the fiddle, too. Good tune and not too tough. Reminds me of Big Scioty at least in the A part.