View Full Version : Old Wave F4 #378

Nov-22-2005, 7:03pm
Mr. Bussman sent this to me a couple of weeks ago and my jaw dropped when I played it. He simply nailed it. Got the exact tone I was looking for. I finally put it down long enough to snap a few pics.

Zee front:

Nov-22-2005, 7:21pm
and the back:

Nov-22-2005, 7:22pm
the top:

Nov-22-2005, 7:22pm
and a close up:

That's a Bill James tailpiece. I'll say it again, Bussman really nailed this one.

Nov-22-2005, 7:31pm
May you enjoy it as much as I enjoy #351

Jim M.
Nov-22-2005, 7:48pm
Beautiful mando! F4s are definitely my favorite. And, lucky me, I've got a GOM coming soon from Senor Bussman.

Jim Roberts
Nov-22-2005, 10:09pm
That's just flat out bee-you-tee-ful!

Nov-23-2005, 10:47am

Pete Martin
Nov-23-2005, 2:18pm
Beautiful!! After I get my 'dola from him, I may have to have him make one of these as well!

Nov-23-2005, 2:27pm
So I didn't mention this earlier, but the tone of this F4 is like few I've heard (and I played a bunch of 'em at IBMA this year). I guess the x-bracing is part of it, but I tried to explain to Bill that I was looking for an oval hole that had the full, rich tone that fills that room (common in oval holes, from what I can tell), but also had the dry punch that would be good for bluegrass as well (I play oldtime tunes, mostly). And he really did deliver. Mike Compton refers to his Gilchrist F4 as an F4 1/2 - an F4 that wants to be an F5 and I really think Bill nailed it with this one, too. At least, that's my opinion at this point. Thanks, Bill. I highly recommend you contact Bill if this sounds like something you want. He's a hoot, too.

Nov-23-2005, 3:37pm
A work of art indeed!

Nov-24-2005, 8:50pm
VERY beautiful! Congrats!