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Nov-18-2005, 6:01pm
I've been lucky enough to acquire Jim Watts Ward Elliott number 58. If you have been to Jim's website you'll have seen far greater quality photos and a virtual shrine to this instrument. #I'd just like to confirm that he wasn't exaggerating. This baby is by far the easiest playing and best sounding mandolin I've had in my hands. It's responsive as all get out, you can play quiet and its sweet or "whip it like a mule" and it will thump. The first thing my wife said was "I can feel that thing in my chest when you play it". #I thought my MAS was cured with the Gibson Fern but I humbly now admit it may never be cured, but for now it is definitely in remission. This thing is a tone monster.

Nov-18-2005, 6:29pm
well I've just spent an hour of my life trying resize photos to get them uploadable but am severely unsuccessful. If your interested you can see an entire build process and finish photos of this at Jim's webpage .Thanks for looking, happy pickin' to all, and to all goodnight.

Nov-18-2005, 7:29pm

Scotti Adams
Nov-18-2005, 8:01pm
Congrats on your new mando Mike...we need to get together sometime soon since we live so close now....you could check out The Rose and I could test drive the Elliot.

Nov-18-2005, 9:16pm
Wow!! I listened and wow!! your playing is great and the tone is outstanding,life is good!