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Nov-18-2005, 2:48pm
Well, I can't take credit for the mandolin (Pomeroy, #49), but I did just make the finger rest. Ebony with a rubbed-on finish, ivoroid binding, and screwed into the fretboard extender. A fun little project that sure beat raking the leaves. For the next one, I guess I'll have to build the mando too!

Nov-18-2005, 2:54pm
Real pretty. The mandolin is beautiful too (not too sure about the white bridge, but i guess i could get used to it).

Stephanie Reiser
Nov-18-2005, 8:00pm
I'm not a big pickguard fan, but yours turned out good. Nice simple design, not too big. Great job!

Nov-19-2005, 11:23pm
Hey Plunktone, is that a King Brown "over the tailpiece" armrest you've got on the Pomeroy? #Can you give us a review of it...you must like it or it wouldn't be on there, right?

Nov-20-2005, 10:47am
Hi, Mike. Yes, that is a King Brown arm rest (made by David Brown in Australia). I guess I've added a lot of hunks of woods to rest on, fingers, forearm, and the Weber wood nymph doubles as a wrist rest. Actually, I added the finger rest so I could try to learn to get my palm off the bridge. But anyway, yes, I love the arm rest. It's very nicely made and attaches like a violin chin rest. I had tried another one that sat just to the bass side, but that didn't work well for me because I really like to have my arm very close to the tailpiece. It's nice and low, so I didn't notice that it changed the angle of my arm with respect to the strings at all. It does make string changes a little more difficult, but it's easy to take off and put back on if necessary. It has cork where it touches the top and back of the instrument, and I put a little piece of leather between the side and the metal posts. I think it looks really cool on this mando. David also makes them out of maple and those look very nice as well.
His website: http://kingbrown.netfirms.com/accessories.html


Doug Edwards
Nov-20-2005, 12:47pm
I too like to have my arm kinda half on half off the tailpiece. I modified my Siren arm rest to fit over part of the tailpiece.