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Nov-17-2005, 5:02pm
Hereís the deal I know the major a-g chords and can chop ok. IM not fast enough on the chop yet to keep up on fast songs. Should I keep practicing the chop or try to learn some picking. And trying to learn songs. Or a little of both.

thanks alot

Nov-17-2005, 6:25pm
mandolinkid, I would continue to practice the scales learn some picking AND practice chopping. Use a metronome, start slow and then build up speed slowly. Keep relaxed and be aware of when you tense up, then drop back down some.

Michael H Geimer
Nov-17-2005, 6:40pm
Fiddle Tunes are great way to practice picking in a way that is prehaps more musical than just running scales ... but scales should be done, too.

You might try hooking up with the Song/Tune Project folks. They a good support group with all types of people.

Use a metronome.

Nov-17-2005, 7:09pm
Thank u for all youre advice i will take all those comments and use them.In trying to learn.

Nov-17-2005, 7:12pm
My dads plays violin should i use some of those simple fiddle tunes or learn some mandolin tunes.

Nov-17-2005, 8:54pm
Thanks very much for youíre advice itís much appreciated.

Nov-17-2005, 9:07pm
While I have this topic going is there any books or tapes that could help me out in learning picking and other stuff. Also song books that are bluegrass. Could you send me a link if you could.

Nov-17-2005, 10:58pm
Go to mandouniversity.com and check out Brad's books. They have helped me out a lot. They are not books to learn tunes from, but they are great practice books and have helped my improv skills.

Good luck and just remember that it takes time.

Nov-18-2005, 6:06pm
Thnaks for all the links they are very helpfull

Nov-18-2005, 6:25pm
Learn to play with a metronome, and also play along with recordings of the greats- even just chopping rhythm. The most important things are tone and time. There are others, but i forget what they are http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif

Nov-18-2005, 11:16pm
Tone, time, and tuning?

Nov-19-2005, 12:38pm
Thanks for the links

Nov-19-2005, 11:51pm
Thanks you all for youre advice it is very apreciated

Nov-20-2005, 6:24pm
Hey this is mandolinkid i changed my name. I learned the scales on the chords and practeing those. Should i focus on speeding up may scales or learing more songs. I learned one all ready shouldi focus on new songs,scales,choping or all 3.

Joel Glassman
Nov-20-2005, 11:53pm
I would work on all three.
IMO Practicing every day--even 20 minutes
is better than not playing all week and practicing
3 hours on one day.

Nov-21-2005, 4:03pm
Should i use the same amount of time for all 3