View Full Version : Calgary jams?

Nov-15-2005, 1:31am
Just got to Cow Town. Are there weekly jams you know of hereabouts?

Dave Robson
Nov-15-2005, 1:48am
Here is the link to the Foothills Bluegrass Society's website. They have 2 jams a week plus a monthly concert. Welcome to Calgary

Nov-20-2005, 1:19pm
Thanks! I found out about the Wednesday jam at last Monday's open mic at the Flying Emu. Nice to see so much going on.

Nov-20-2005, 1:44pm
BTW, I just found the Foothills BG Society's new webpage. (http://www.foothillsbluegrass.com/index.php)

Nov-20-2005, 2:56pm
Howdy Jason, #Welcome to Calgary. #I believe there is a Celtic Jam at King Henry's Pub across from the McNally Robinson Bookstore on Wed Evenings. #I believe players get fed and "watered".
Mike MacLeod

Nov-20-2005, 5:03pm
Thanks Michael! Say, I have a friend in Ottawa hunting for an Eastman archtop guitar. Know anyone who might be selling one? ;)