View Full Version : Bluegrass Rhythm Instruction

Nov-12-2005, 8:51pm
Finally got around to watching my Orrin Star Bluegrass Rhythm guitar workshop DVD and I liked it a lot and it got me to wondering if there is anything similar out there for mandolin?

Nov-12-2005, 10:31pm
You know that is a good question. There is so much to playing rhythm other than just the chop on 2 and 4. There is another thread here discussing the "crosspicking" technique used by some.

Here's my thoughts, other than choping, try doing some tremelo with double stops on slower songs and on fast onees try doing a little question and answer. And by question and answer I mean make the part that was just sung the question and try to answer it with a mini break before the next line of lyrics is sung. Also trying soloing over the lyrics.

Nov-13-2005, 12:09am
I just bought the Wayne Benson Acutab DVD. He has a nice, easy to understand section on alternative rhythm patterns/techniques for the mandolin.

Nov-13-2005, 1:17am
Rhythm Tune Up DVD (http://johnmcgann.com/books.html)