View Full Version : Bowling Green KY

Nov-10-2005, 10:12am
Any pickers around Bowling Green, KY home of the corvette? Yeah I know I can go up to Rosine any Friday night, I know I can go to the Leitchfield courthouse in the winter... but truthfully it'd be nice to jam here in Warren county.

Surely to goodness there are some pickers in Bowling Green... its in such a good location near Russellville, Beaver Dam, Morgantown, Scottsville, Glasgow and Tompkinsville and its only 40 or so miles from Nashville.

If there are any pickers around lets get together at WKU or something and do some pickin!

Nov-16-2005, 10:29pm
Cliftyman I can only assume your a mandolin picker,my name is Mark I live near the Dam outside Owensboro and we occasionally have some good jams around here,we all stay busy with families more than we used to. The next time we are gonna have a allnighter maybe we can hook up. Im a rookie but there some inspiring players around here and good people to boot. I play with a couple bands and it gets most of my time. The big jams are a little farther apart these days. Markelberry

Nov-26-2005, 10:45am
Hey I just saw your post! I'm at WKU right now. I would love to jam sometime. What kind of music? Are you going to the WKU - Georgia game tonight?