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Mar-21-2004, 9:48pm
here is a new F4 with a long scale and Aba,one rosette.

Mar-21-2004, 9:50pm
sorry the light was bad.

Mar-21-2004, 9:53pm

Mar-21-2004, 10:05pm
This was played By R.vincent Sat. night in Farmville Va. She really liked it and and was impressed with the over all beauty of the mando. It was very nice to talk with her.I got to sit back stage a lot of the time because Mike Andes of the Band Nothin Fancy was playing with Rhonda that nightand he has endorsed Rose mandos for a few months now. If you ever get a chance to see them do it you wont be sorry.

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Mar-21-2004, 10:58pm
I first saw Darby's mandolins on the cafe back around November. Business had me 7000 miles from home at the time. Well, I returned in December and realized Darby was a mile down the road. I've seen three or four of his mandos at various stages of build, and laid eyes on #15 first as a large block of maple. He's been kind enough to drop by with it as it moved along and the pictures don't do it justice (I've also been to his shop, and he's generous with his ideas and time).

I've had Rose #16 (it's gonna complement my wife's F-9) on order for a little while now and definitely was enticed by the prospect of #15. However, I want a little different inlay and am set on "f" holes. But the more I think about it....


Brian Ray
Mar-22-2004, 1:43am
Wow... looks great Darby... How's it sound then?

Mar-22-2004, 4:57am
Rhonda is a sweetheart! She put up with so much when she played here. The venue had audio problems and she just took requests all night.


Mar-22-2004, 6:00am
she is pretty good sounding. she is very loud and has alot of sustain. she has that true F4 sound very tubby like a bucket. she plays like a dream though radiused fingerboard large frets. I wish the pics would have turned out better to show off the workmanship. cause everyone loves the way it looks.


Mar-22-2004, 7:44am
Very nice looking mando, love the slab back and color of the overall finish.

Mar-22-2004, 9:49am
I am going to try and get some better pics of the back and top to get the true color of the mando. It also has a distressed look to it because I used an ageing toner in the laquer. The back has a deep red wine burst that is very sweet with AAAA quilted maple.

Bob DeVellis
Mar-22-2004, 4:06pm
It's definitely a beauty. Having a '17 F-4 that I love, I have to say that the thought of having one with a raised and radiused fretboard and adjustable bridge that I wouldn't worry about quite as much is an appealing idea.

Brian Ray
Mar-22-2004, 7:08pm
Posting for Darby...

Brian Ray
Mar-22-2004, 7:08pm
and another...

Brian Ray
Mar-22-2004, 7:09pm
last one...

Mar-22-2004, 8:53pm
thanks spunk if I could only figure out this stupid computer!


May-10-2004, 8:30am
A pal of mine is planning on making an F4...he's made an A5 and an F5...and is expanding his repetoire. Can you point me to plans or offer advice on the differences in bracing etc?

May-11-2004, 4:45pm

I have a couple different plans but the most detailed are the Simonoff. get the rolled plans not the folded they are easier to work off of.


May-20-2004, 3:27pm

He's got the Siminoff plans and the MacRoiste video, and made an F5 and an A5....Any advice regarding the differences involved in f4...like any big surprises he could avoid??

May-20-2004, 3:34pm
not really just take his time and I am sure he will build a great one.


May-24-2004, 3:16pm
Thanks....just got a nice flamey slab o maple for a one piece back. I'll post a pic when its done

John Flynn
May-24-2004, 3:50pm

Beautiful work. I would love to hear it!

Do you have any opinion on the difference in tone and volume with the long neck that you are using, versus the short neck the original F-4s had, given that the short neck puts the bridge back farther toward the tailpiece? Also, is the top tuning, contouring and bracing any different with one length of neck versus the other? Thanks.

May-26-2004, 5:27am
The tone on this one was very good , I was surprised by how loud it was . it also had a very classic F4 tone. usually oval hole mandos sound very thin to me but this one actually had a bit of chunckyness to it. the long neck mostly made it play alot easier. as for how the neck affected the tone it is hard to saybecause I have heard a couple F4's that sounded great with the short neck as well. It think it all has to do with how the top and backs are carved and how the finish is done. I carved the top to specs of and old F4 and I carved the back to the specs of the loar. i use about 3 thin of laquer and that is it.