View Full Version : Another Smith Creek

Nov-05-2005, 3:13pm
Here's my Smith Creek.... #111, varnish finish, one piece back....

Nov-05-2005, 3:15pm
here's the back.....

Nov-05-2005, 3:18pm
please excuse my pictures, they're awful.....

Nov-05-2005, 5:59pm
Yes your photos are awful but you can still see the beauty in this creation. That's one fancy back and to be one piece makes it super nice! If it sounds like it looks it should be a keeper for you.

Nov-05-2005, 6:33pm
It's like the Marines. The Few, The Proud, The Smith Creek
Owners!!! Great looking Mando.

Love it...Darren #36


Nov-06-2005, 8:58am
Nice work. I'd like to hear one. Be sure to check out his web site and click on Mandola, then take the test to see if you can correctly distinguish between a Loar mandola and a few pieces of wood he is planning to turn into mandolas of his own making. If you can, you save TEN DOLLARS off the purchase price! It's a great deal!