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Nov-05-2005, 11:01am

I just listened to this for the first time. Very nice. It shows a moment in the friendship of two wonderful people. There's great music throughout - long uninterrupted jams, thank you - and you get to see what the Dawg House looks like inside.

The only thing the movie was weak on was context. You have to know who these people are (but if you're watching, you probably know), and you have to know that this happens during the final 5 years of Jerry Garcia's life. After a short introduction that shows that both musicians had their start in bluegrass, the movie jumps right into what you want to see, the Grisman/Garcia jam sessions in Grisman's living room and home studio. There's also some concert footage and short interviews with members of the band. Garcia shows himself to be a very competent guitar player. Dawg is his usual musical self.

In the introducion part there is a background track of Bill Monroe singing Wayfaring Stranger, which sounds eerily Garcia-like.

I definitely recommend this one.

Nov-05-2005, 12:49pm
Of course, i meant to write "the DVD", not "the cd". Apologies.

Nov-05-2005, 8:52pm
Awesome DVD. My wife and I got the DVD a few months ago. We rented the DVD about when it came out and have been looking for it since.

I liked the whole he loosens me up and I tighten him up dialogue.

Nov-06-2005, 1:59pm
So many cool things... "Beards of a feather" http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif, a picture of a very young Dave Grisman playing a bowlback mandolin in a bluegrass band, Dawg as a bum in the "Thrill is gone" video, the beautiful archtop guitar Jerry plays in that video, Dawg's enormous and incredibly messy ponytail. Et cetera.