View Full Version : GIBSON S/N HELP

Bob Asher
Mar-21-2004, 1:29pm
I ran into an old pickin friend yesterday. He has owned a Gibson A-40 that his father purchased for him in the 70's.
The Gibson label is gone from the inside. A number on the inside back is "38140." A number on the back of the neck is
"530228." Is this enough to trace manufacturing date?
Thanks for anyone's help

Strado Len
Mar-22-2004, 9:46am
Gibson's serial numbering "system" was wildly variable over the years. My search of a Gibson serial number list says that a serial number of 38140 might have been made in 1961. Your best bet is to look at the features of the instrument, i.e., style of logo, tuners, pickguard, etc. and compare to other Gibson instruments of the same model and known year of manufacture.