View Full Version : More Smith Creek Pics!  #36

Nov-04-2005, 4:39pm
Now that I have this posting stuff down. Here
is some more pictures of my Smith Creek #36...

Nov-04-2005, 4:40pm

Nov-04-2005, 4:41pm

Nov-04-2005, 4:42pm

Lane Pryce
Nov-04-2005, 5:31pm
Darren did you cut the extension off? Lp

Jonathan James
Nov-04-2005, 5:36pm
Very nice. Looks 80 years old already (I mean that as a compliment!). Is it a lacquer or varnish finish?

Nov-04-2005, 6:25pm
Awesome lookin' mando. I love the vintage look.

Jim M.
Nov-04-2005, 7:08pm
The back is really incredible! Dave's website is good too. Here's his employee of the month news:

"Dave Smith has been named Smith Creek Employee of the Month for the sixty-sixth straight time. The award, started in early 1999, is given to honor the hardest working most dedicated employee at Smith Creek, and Smith is the only employee to win it to date. Smith Creek Mandolin owner Dave Smith was on hand to give Smith the award and called his extended winning streak a testament to his incredible work ethic. Smith Presented Smith with the Employee of the Month Certificate, and a Motivational Poster depicting a Russian female Shot-putter with the caption "Go For The Gusto!" In accepting the award Smith said he was honored to be recognized for his hard work, but suggested that Smith Creek Mandolin include some type of monetary award since he couldn't pay his mortgage with his "Pile of certificates." He doubts that will ever happen since management is, in his words "So cheap they could could squeeze Lincoln off a penny." Smith Concluded his acceptance speech by noting he hated motivation posters and unless someone else wanted it, would throw it in the trash as soon as the ceremony ended. "