View Full Version : Replacement tuners for Trinity College OM

Mar-20-2004, 10:28pm
I recently placed an Allen tailpiece that I had laying around on my TC OM and it really gave it a shot in the arm, so much so that I have been playing it way more. #That is the good news. #The bad news is that the closed tuners that came standard on this instrument are about to send it back into mothballs.
Does anyone have any replacement recomendations? #They look like guitar tuners and I don't want to go from one economy set to another, and guitar tuners come in sets of six.



Mar-20-2004, 10:46pm
If you can find a set of Gotoh Mini tuners, I've got a incomplete set(used two of them) and would be willing to get rid of a left and a right.

I think International Luthiers has them in stock. Here's their online catalogue ... they don't do too well in order taking via internet - you need to use mail to order - Catalogue (http://www.internationalluthiers.com/catalog.php). I think there are a few other sources for these but, this is one I'm familiar with.

Mar-21-2004, 8:33am
Thanks Dolamon! #I have found several places to purchase the mini tuners by gotoh but if you have a couple that you could part with and bought them from International, I will do the same.

Please contact me at


Mar-24-2004, 4:47pm
I used two sets of Gotoh tuners being sold as ukulele tuners on ebay for my OM. You can see it at


They are very nice, very smooth working and the fellow I dealt with was quite prompt.


Mar-24-2004, 8:28pm
My Peterson Celtic 'zouk has mini-Schaller tuners on it but they are branded as Martin. This leads me to believe that perhaps Martin sells the mini-tuners as single replacements (otherwise, I'm not sure why a small builder would use a private-labeled tuner).