View Full Version : Refinished the finish here is the back

Nov-01-2005, 7:26pm
OK I got this one at a real good price. It had a satin finish that was OK but I got it cheap enough that I figure I could play around with the finish and put some upgrades on her.

I just finished my "distressing" of the original satin finish. Hope the pic gives you an idea. The factory satin finish was rather too dull overall and too uniformed so I went for a few dings and tried for 80 years worth of wear and a little care.

What do you all think ?

Its OK if you say you don't like it I can take the feedback as I did this as a total lark.



Jim Rowland
Nov-01-2005, 7:39pm
Me likee.

Nov-01-2005, 8:51pm
Thanks Jim!


Nov-01-2005, 10:43pm
It looks great! What is it?

Ken Sager
Nov-02-2005, 12:36am
It looks great! #What is it?
It's an F mandolin, note the large scroll... What's in a name, anyway?

Nov-02-2005, 1:02am
I think the question probably referred to who made it...


Skip Kelley
Nov-02-2005, 7:29am
Mike, It looks great! As long as you are pleased, who cares? Great job on the finishing!!

Nov-02-2005, 10:34am
Just to answer the "who made it" its an MM6 their satin finish "F" but as I said it was too satin for my tastes. The overall finish was way too uniform, had very little character.

It did have a great sound and I hope it still does after I refit the bridge and but the hardware back on. I am switching out the tailpiece for a Newell tailpiece, the sunburst cut out design and I am fitting a new Cumberland ebony bridge to it.

I am also trying to make a set of handmade tuner buttons that have some aged look to them. I got one button done so far but doing the buttons with a dremel tool and files takes time so that might not be done for another couple weeks.