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Jan-21-2004, 8:21am
Found a reference to Hummingbird Mandolins in another
post. Went to the site to check it out, but info was very sparse. No prices listed. No specs either.
Anyone seen, heard, and/or played one of these built by
Matt Redican in Bella Vista, Arkansas? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you. Fare well, db

Scotti Adams
Jan-21-2004, 8:31am
..when Dale wakes up and comes aboard I sure he can help you out...hes interested in these mandos as well and probably have some info for you.. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/coffee.gif

Jan-21-2004, 8:33am
I'm awake....sorta

I would like some feedback on these as well. Very attractive pricing but I've never see one.

Coy Wylie
Jan-31-2004, 12:18pm
It's been a few days since anyone replied to this post. Has anyone heard any more about the hummingbirds?

Jan-31-2004, 1:15pm
I invite everyone to visit my site at My Webpage (http://www.hummingbirdmandolins.com). My mandolins run around $750.00. I use ebony fingerboards and bridges and either walnut or maple back, sides, and neck. Tops are Douglas Fir or you can have spruce--add $125.00.

My turn around time is 8 to 10 wks depending on the amount of orders I have at the time. I do offer a 100% return policy--see web site for details.

I hope this answers some questions that are out there. Please feel free to e-mail me if I didnot address your question.

Bill Snyder
Nov-28-2004, 7:56pm
Just looking through some of the old posts and came upon this one about Hummingbird Mandolins. Has anyone played one yet? Looks like an incredible bargain if they are $750.00 and any good.