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Bob A
Mar-19-2004, 10:26pm
Youall may have noticed the classified ad for Italian mandolins? Marco Onorati is selling a Stridente (picured in ad - not bad); a low-end instrument whose maker I forget; a Vinaccia mandola and a 50s Calace Classico A.

He emailed me a bunch of pictures and prices. He wanted 2500 for the Calace, which seems reasonable; twice that for the Vinaccia mandola, and mid-triple digits for the others.

I'm not interested at this time, but he seems anxious to move product, and seems not averse to a bit of bargaining, so if any of you might be tempted, well, there it is.

(I know nothing of the man, and am posting this just to expand the available data to those who might be in the market - it's not nearly common enough to find bowlbacks in our classifieds).

Mar-21-2004, 10:49pm
Thanks for the info, Bob. #I just now saw the Vinaccia mandola in the classifieds and was wondering if I dared ask the price. #Then I saw your post and realized that 5 G's would be a little steep for a professional symphonic bass player to pay for a mandola that would mostly be used for retirement home gigs with my quartet (never mind that the mandolinists in the group play Calaces/Vinaccias). #My Fujimaru does the job just fine. #But one can dream...

Mar-22-2004, 9:53am
Ah, yes, Jonathan. I, too, apply that same rationale. Now, whether I actually follow it... http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif