View Full Version : Boss BR-864

Mar-19-2004, 8:54am
I am planning on recording a CD soon, so I have been looking at basic, digital 8-track recorders. The Boss BR-864 caught my eye. Does anyone own one? If so, what do they think? Does it make good quality recordings, is it noisy, etc. TIA,


Big Joe
Mar-19-2004, 11:40am
My son has one and loves it. For the money it is one heck of a product. It does have a couple limitations and they may be relevant depending upon what you want to do with it. It does have 8 tracks with 64 virtual tracks, but only one input at a time. That does limit the use somewhat. The other limitation is the memory is on flash memory but it does not have a hard drive or cd burner built in. It can hook to a computer pretty easily for editing or storage.

The BR1600 is a new model they just came out with at NAMM. It has a hard drive and CD burner built in. It has plenty of tracks...16 I think with 264 virtual tracks. I has 8 inputs so you can record an actual band live. It has all the effects and amp modeling and percussion built in. I am pretty impressed with that unit. It has a list price of about 1499. Not bad for what you get. It has a screen built in to help watch what you are doing also. It too hooks to a computer for even more editing. Either one is a great buy depending upon what you want to do and the budget you have.