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Adam Tracksler
Oct-12-2005, 8:47am
I get real jealous looking at all the nice mandos here. here are some pics of the one that is being built for me.http://www.brycecreative.com/mando/woods.jpg

Adam Tracksler
Oct-12-2005, 8:49am
here is the carved top and back


Adam Tracksler
Oct-12-2005, 8:52am
here is the top with the rosette

Adam Tracksler
Oct-12-2005, 8:58am
here is the X braced top

Adam Tracksler
Oct-12-2005, 8:59am
and the kick ### inlay.


Adam Tracksler
Oct-12-2005, 9:01am
This is being done by John Hamlett, he has been great to work with.

Steve Davis
Oct-12-2005, 9:10am
Lucky you Adam! I hope to have a Hamlett someday myself. I've always admired John's work. -Steve

Oct-12-2005, 10:07am
Ooooh, that looks like the makings of a very nice inlay!!!

Baron Collins-Hill
Oct-12-2005, 4:58pm
i love that rosette


Stanley Cox
Oct-12-2005, 6:10pm
Great looking work so far. Is that a pine cone inlay?

Oct-12-2005, 6:14pm
I was at John's shop last week and saw this mando in progress. The picture just doesn't do justice to the wonderful inlay - the detail and depth are really quite stunning.

You are a lucky man - this looks to be a very impressive mandolin. I also got to play a new A that John has for sale that sounded as good as it looked - and it was a REALLY good looking mandolin. I've not seen work as clean and precise as John's other than the Collings.

Dale Ludewig
Oct-12-2005, 6:21pm
Congrats! John is a wonderful person and a great luthier. And a very helpful person on this forum.

Jason Kessler
Oct-12-2005, 7:41pm
That is, hands down, the prettiest headstock inlay I've ever seen. Wow.

Mike Crocker
Oct-12-2005, 7:45pm
That inlay is amazing! Great concept, beautiful rendering. Class.

Peace, Mooh.

Lane Pryce
Oct-12-2005, 8:00pm
That is a crazy cool inlay!! Is it a pinecone? Lp

Adam Tracksler
Oct-12-2005, 8:56pm
its a pinecone, i'm a mainer.. so it was either that or a can of moxie....

Oct-12-2005, 9:57pm
i would have gone with the moxie http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Stephanie Reiser
Oct-13-2005, 5:02am
Very Nice! Please keep us up to date.
I am a big fan of John's, so I am a bit envious.

Skip Kelley
Oct-13-2005, 6:33am
Keep us posted. It looks great. I love the soundhole rosette!

Oct-31-2005, 9:59pm
that inlay is brilliant. Kudos.

Oct-31-2005, 10:06pm
Me like! (Drool)


Oct-31-2005, 10:20pm
its a pinecone, i'm a mainer.. so it was either that or a can of moxie....
or a black bear?

btw, I am jealous...living in Maine and getting a great mando. some people are just blessed. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif