View Full Version : Pickin at the Golden Girls

Mikey G
Oct-07-2005, 9:59pm
I stopped in at the Golden Girls Restaurant for a bite to eat after we palyed the closing set at the TN Fall Homecoming Festival in Norris, TN. As I was finishing dinner, I noticed a banjo player, and a few bluegrass players getting their instruments out. Before I could finish my iced tea, an ensemble had started to pick in the middle of the restaurant. I sent my daughter out to get my mandolin, and off we went. We played some old time tunes, and more players kept rolling in. There was an Abe Lincoln look alike there playing the saw with a bow, which was really wild! Johnny Bellar was there, but he didn't get the reonator out and join in...too bad. It was unbelievable! People were up dancing and singing along. I left when my fingers hurt so bad that I couldn't play anymore. As I walked out into the lobby, there was another group out there laying it down. It was really cool! If any of you guys are around the Fall Festival this weekend, the boys in the band will be up on the hill playing between sets behind stage two, behind the Wilson Barn. Come on by and let's lay a few down. Anyway, I've never seen anything like what happened tonight at the Golden Girls Restaurant...it was pure sickness!