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Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 8:58pm
My Wife and I made the trip up to Rigelfest from Western MA on Friday, intent on getting away from cell phones, pagers, high-speed internet, etc. In New England thereís not a lot of chances to hook up with other players and to see a lot of mandolins so I certainly didnít want to miss the first annual Rigel festival.

We hit the road listening to Tone Poets and before long we were driving over Smugglerís Notch-worth the trip even without the mandolins.



Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 9:00pm
After checking into the Inn we found our way over to the nearby Rigel factory, where we got a guided tour from Peter Langdell. We soon met Ted, Scott, Brian, and Peter Mix. Here is Paul and Scott doing a bit of Jamming. Notice Rigelís secret plan to conquer the world posted on the wall nearby.


I really enjoyed playing the less common Rigels, including Jetherine pictured here. In my own very biased position the Jethro sounded best to my ears. Perhaps next year Iíll come with the cash in handÖ


Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 9:02pm
After an amazing meal at the Inn we got great seats for Will Pattonís Quintet. I was so impressed that Iím going to two shows from his ďSouthern TourĒ next month. Gypsy jazz and Choro-very nice.


Will alternated between his 1920 Gibson A, his Bussman octave,


...and a new Rigel that Will compared to driving a GTO.


Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 9:06pm
The next morning was a mando dream come true. I got to hang out with cafť members and other mando-geeks and hear advice and intimate performances from Peter Mix, Will Patton, and Bryce Milano.

Peter sounded great! And the boots rocked!


I liked hearing the three of them together. They each had their own style.


Bryce had his cool Gypsy tenor guitar, a nice looking blackface A with blonde back & sides, and his F


Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 9:11pm
While hanging out I got to play Paulís Lyon & Healy!


Other famous mandos in attendance included Ted's Blue Rigel:


Here's Ted putting it through its' paces...


Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 9:14pm
Scott joined the performance with his Nugget


And joined Bryce for some jamming


Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 9:19pm
Later that afternoon Bryce entertained the crowd


My biggest regret is that I missed Big Spike, Pete Langdell's bluegrass band, the night's big feature. I will be sure not to miss it next time.

My Wife and I instead headed off to nearby Burlington to catch Chris Thile and Nickel Creek at the new Higher Ground. My first NC show was the icing on the cake.

Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 9:25pm
And how does every great mandolin story end? Of course, with a new mandolin of some sort. Well, that didn't workout for me in Vt, although I played some great ones.

One big standout for me was Neil Dean's new 2-point mando that he had just finished-beautiful and sounded great. Nice guy too.

When I got home, however, I had made up my mind to buy the Michael Terris that I have been visiting for a few weeks now. They say that the right mandolin will speak to you, and this one beat everything to my ears. I really love it!


So there is a happy ending after all!


Thanks to everyone I met for being so cool and kind. Thanks to Rigel for opening your doors and putting this thing together. Thanks to the Smuggler's Notch Inn for the food, beer, and Red Sox on the TV (yes, it's over for us, but we'll always have 2004). Thanks to Ted for hooking me up with the new pick-Jazzmando.com rules!

See you all next year!


man doh
Oct-07-2005, 9:46pm
Hey Larry, where did you pick the Terris up at? I local shop around me carries a few and the are really nice mandos. Did you buy it new or used.


Larry S Sherman
Oct-07-2005, 10:22pm
Hey Larry, where did you pick the Terris up at? #
mandos. #Did you buy it new or used.

Until I played this one I had never heard of his mandos before. I have since found this link: Terris Mandolins (http://www.terrisguitarmaker.com/info/page2.html)

I bought it used in Amherst, MA at the Fretted Instruments Workshop. It's a 1999, and has had time to open up and it sounds really great, and plays so easily.

I played everything in the store and it was my favorite. I've been day tripping to various music stores but didn't find anything that sounded better to me. Rigelfest was another opportunity to change my mind, but it just confirmed my decision.

Michael Terris emailed me with the history of the mando. It's got a french polish finish, sitka spruce top, curly maple back and sides, nice details, a loud bark, and nice tone to my ears. I'm very happy with it.


Oct-08-2005, 7:19pm
believe it or not i live about a half hour from michael terris, although i've never been out to see him.

Oct-13-2005, 4:55pm
Larry, thanks for posting these! I was in heaven trying out the Nugget . . . with a quality instrument like that I could play a mere half-a-measure behind Scott on the tune.

Congratulations on your new Terris, be sure to have it with you on your next Vermont junket. -- Paul

Nov-28-2005, 7:32pm
Shameless bump to the top, for a member who asked what my L&H looks like. -- Paul

Ken Berner
Nov-28-2005, 8:56pm
Beautiful version of y'all's scenic "Rocky Top", not to mention all the great mandolin pics!