View Full Version : Any jams in Houston?

Oct-06-2005, 3:39pm
Are there any jams of any kind (BG, Irish, Klezmer, Gypsy, Classical, etc.)in Houston next week? I'll be there from Thursday till Sunday (October 13-16)


Oct-06-2005, 5:26pm
someone recently mentioned this place to me. http://www.lastconcert.com/index.htm I have not been there yet.

Oct-08-2005, 5:00pm
Thanks. The web site is for a restaurant that has a jam on sundays. I may be on the plane at that time, too bad <G>

Jon Hall
Oct-09-2005, 5:41pm
If you can find out where Kelly Lancaster is playing you can listen to excellent mandolin. He'll knock you out when it comes to Gypsy jazz and bluegrass/old time. He was a band mate of Dave Peters. Check his website www.highlonesomegypsy.com

Oct-10-2005, 1:01am
+1 to Kelly.

Many years ago I got a gig to play the opening of the Menil art museum here in Houston. I was supposed to put together a bluegrass band at very short notice. I called Dave Peters to see if he could play guitar, but he was already booked. He said that there was this 18 year old kid from Nackanowhere (as we sometimes call Nacogdoces around here) that had been staying at his house. He said the kid was a real phenom and would do a great job. I went over to his place and we jammed a while. He was a monster. Kelly did a great job. That was 1987 and he just kept getting better. On guitar or mandolin he is world class, and a super nice guy.