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Oct-05-2005, 12:08am
Looking for the music to The Squirrel Hunter. I don't read tab so I need notation. Thanks, Jeff

David M.
Oct-05-2005, 7:56am
Hey, I play this one -- learned it from a Hartford record, maybe Wild Hog in the Red Brush?

alltabs.com has it tabbed out by Mike Strangeland. Hartford's version. Never tried the tab.

Hartford breaks this tune down on a fiddle video he did a while back.

good luck.

David M.
Oct-05-2005, 7:57am
Oh, and the tune is called "Squirrel Hunters". plural. but "squirrel" in the alltabs search would pull it up.

John Flynn
Oct-05-2005, 9:28am
With all due respect to Mr. S, who is wonderful and likely the greatest tabber of all time, I don't agree with his tab on that tune. When it didn't sound right to me, I checked with my instructor, who learned the tune from Hartford himself and who plays a "spittin' image" version in his string band. He agreed with my assessment and showed me the real deal. Unfortunately, I've never seen notation on it. At least at one time, the MP3 of it was a free download off of Amazon. If you do an Amazon search for Hartford, you should still be able to download the full tune of SH and "Hamilton Ironworks." If you slow SH down, it is not that hard to learn by ear.

David M.
Oct-05-2005, 3:17pm
That's the way it seems w/alot of tab out there and why I only can trust my ear #http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

This Hartford fiddling video was cool. #Called something like "How to play what's in your head" or something along those lines. #Used to have a copy -- now can't find it. I think it was done by Fiddler Magazine, so they may have that tune on notation somewhere in back issues?

Good tune and as jflynnstl says, not that hard to pick out, 'cept the way Hartford plays it a tad different every time through. Is that at TRAD. tune and what's the source for Hartford?

Coy Wylie
Oct-05-2005, 4:28pm
Count me in on learning this one as well on mando and fiddle. I heard it a few weeks back at Winfield. King Wilkie opened a late night set with it. They did it as a fiddle/banjo number with the band providing backup.

Oct-05-2005, 5:23pm
And let us not forget it was a staple of the dual mandolins of David Long and Mike Compton (no doubt mastered by Mr. Compton during his stint as the mandolinist for Mr. Hartford - yes it's the first song on "Wild Hog".) try the bluegrassbox.com recording of compton long, I think it's on there. Unbelievable stuff.

Coy Wylie
Oct-05-2005, 5:30pm
Thanks Kevin. I already had that Compton-Long house concert downloaded. I forgot it was on the set list. Great variations on the melody there too. Good ideas to work with.

John Goodin
Oct-05-2005, 6:45pm
Here's an abc that claims to be Hartford's version. You can plug it into the converter at http://www.concertina.net/tunes_convert.html to see it in standard notation.

T:Squirrel Hunters, The
S:John Hartford's "Wild Hog in the Redbrush" transcribed by Llarry Brandon
|:"4"e3d .B2 Bd|efed .B2 BA|GABc d2 dc|dBcA BcBA|!
"4"e3d .B2 Bd|efed .B2 BA|GABc d2 B2|1"4" A8:|2"4" A6|!
|:Bd|edeg a2ag|edef g2BA|GABc d2dc|dBcA BcBA|!
edeg abag|edef g2BA|GABc d2B2|1"4"A6:|2"4"A8|

My recollection is that it's close but still needs a little work to sound like what I think I hear on the Wild Hog CD.

John Goodin

Oct-08-2005, 1:08am
Here you go guys. Chris Sharp and David Long (w/ Matt Combs), Bloomington, IN 9/22/05. Hi-res MP4 video (7MB) encoded through Quicktime

Squirrel Hunters (http://www.richterdigitalarts.net/SquirrelHunters.html)


David M.
Oct-10-2005, 9:06am
For some reason, this link doesn't play on my computer. I'm sure it's something I'm not doing right.

John Flynn
Oct-10-2005, 9:27am
I'm having the same problem. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif

Oct-12-2005, 12:50am
It requires the latest version of QuickTime, version 7.


Oct-12-2005, 6:56am
That's great Jim. John Hartford was really the best. I'm glad that Chris Sharp is keeping it alive.

David M.
Oct-12-2005, 10:35am
I have a video that Fiddler Mag. did called something like Carrying on Traditions of Appalacian fiddling. Hartford's on it and does about 4 tunes on fiddle with Mike Compton backing him on mando. Very cool.

I'll get the latest update. is it free.

Coy Wylie
Oct-12-2005, 1:31pm
Thanks for the tip Jim. With the update, I could see the video. Got any more? hint... hint...

Oct-12-2005, 10:35pm
Awesome video and sound quality. I hope we get to see some more of this. BTW, what mando is David playing? He didn't change from the Gil did he?

Oct-13-2005, 8:36am
First, the QuickTIme7 update is free. One of the big benefits is the H.264 codec used in the Mpeg4 video. Smaller file size, very high quality. Had been wanting to use it for awhile, but had to wait for the Windows QT7update. I'm a Mac guy who gets tired of all the Windows Media or RealTime video I find on the web, so I'm fairly vigilant about using QuickTime and getting people to use the latest version. I think the quality for a web video is pretty astounding.

As far as more video, I have a little shy of 90 minutes videotaped (as well as taped to DAT) of that Long/Sharp concert I promoted. It'll all be going up sometime soon, hopefully before IBMA, but doubtful.

In regards to the mando, that is a Kimble Snakehead A, which replaced the 20's snakehead Gibson AJr that David Long used to play. Will Kimble has really started cranking some nice oval hole mandolins. I played David's and performed with a 2 point Jethro oval hole Will made--both were killer. I have a Kimble F5 and I'm seriously putting the math together as to how I could get funds together for an A like David's. And, don't worry, he played the Gil for the entire first set (have a great Root Hog or Die that I'll post soon).

If anyone wants to see other video of David and Chris, go to johnhartford.org or to chrissharpanddavidlong.com. John Hotze's been taping Long/Sharp concerts whenever he can. I attended David and Chris' Bean Blossom gig and it was a good'un. John videotaped this and it's already up at both of the sites I previously mentioned.


Oct-13-2005, 12:21pm
I've gone ahead and whipped together a little video page for the Sharp/Long concert. You can check back regularly for updates. I'll probably post the DAT audio up there sometime in the future.

Chris Sharp and David Long video (http://www.richterdigitalarts.net/Video/SharpLong/SharpLong.html)