View Full Version : Gilchrist #96337

Jim Hilburn
Oct-04-2005, 3:27pm
I've got this in the shop so I can match the string spacing on one I made, and I don't think the owner will mind if I post some shots of it. I don't think he'll ever get around to it.
This is as delicious sounding to play as it is to look at. Everything is good.

Jim Hilburn
Oct-04-2005, 3:29pm
The varnish is extremely thin and showing signs of wear from being played, although you can't tell it in this shot.

Jim Hilburn
Oct-04-2005, 3:32pm
I'm still amazed at how crazy thin the pearl in the name is cut. And that other inlay. Haven't I seen that somewhere before?

Oct-04-2005, 3:48pm
Scrump-dilly-ishus (and I mean that!)

Oct-04-2005, 3:57pm
That there is my dream mandolin...

Oct-04-2005, 4:12pm
I've seen better looking mandos on here before. Including some from Jim Hilburn.

Oct-04-2005, 6:45pm
It is a big credit to a builder to post a photograph of a 'competitor's' mandolin on this site, as well as giving it so much praise. I am very impressed by your attitude Mr. Hilburn!

Jonathan James
Oct-04-2005, 6:48pm
yeah Jim, that inlay work is unbelievably tight. Don't know how he does it....

Stephanie Reiser
Oct-04-2005, 8:12pm
That is a beautiful instrument for sure. I agree that the inlay is so delicate, especially where the name is underlined. Very impressive indeed.
I still think that the most beautiful mandolin I 'have seen' is the Hilburn #34.

Oct-04-2005, 11:18pm
Uhhh...... is that the infamous 'chamber-pot' inlay?