View Full Version : Have you ever heard of IBONEY?

Mar-18-2004, 9:25am
After the bridge saddle split on the Flatiron and I was in the market for a new one (bridge), I decided to have a friend here in Pensacola make me a special saddle. He uses Iboney. I had never heard of Iboney and was a little more than skeptical......until I held a big ole piece in my hand and listen to some of the saddle blanks he had there drop on the table. The finished product on another guy's mando put me over the top. So professional looking, perfectly compnesated, polished. A real treat. Should take a week or wo to get mine back. I'll post some results when I receive it back, but this stuff looks, feels, sounds as good as any other material I've ever heard. Here's a link to check out.

Iboney description / site (http://iboney.petesmusic.net/iboney.html)

Mar-19-2004, 1:33pm
I got it back......really nice. I'll try to post a pic when I get home.