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Oct-03-2005, 10:02pm
In the builders section there was a topic started about building your own mandolin case. I know of a friend that used a large retangle gun case to build an awesome case for his Boseman F-5G.

How about those of you that have built your own cases posting some pictures of them. (I would even invite Mr. Price to post some "in progress" pictures of his cases).

What do you think?

french guy
Oct-04-2005, 1:14am
Good idea Ronlane , it will help to find new ideas for building cases .
here is mine , I use 5mm plywood for the top and back , 10 mm lime wood for the side , and I glue a plasticized weaving
for the outside and foam glue in the inside with polar weaving on , and a U white plastic for the contour .
A case made in less than 1 day .It is better than nothing

french guy
Oct-04-2005, 1:15am
closer view

french guy
Oct-04-2005, 1:16am

french guy
Oct-04-2005, 1:19am
my 2 homemade cases with the (homemade) babies on

Oct-04-2005, 6:38pm
Here is my newest case finished just a couple weeks ago. Sides and bottom is 1/4 inch luan ply, sides kerfed to bend, doubled and glued. Top is pine glued up and carved. Padding is carpet padding wrapped with some fake suede.
Case Closed.

Oct-04-2005, 6:39pm
Here is a picture of the case open.

Oct-04-2005, 6:40pm
And one last one with the instrument (my newest mandola)

Oct-05-2005, 10:08pm
Ken; Great case... I like the carved top. Nice touch!

Paul Doubek

Oct-06-2005, 7:33am
wow those look great...PhishPhan will hopefully chime in with his homespun coffin case, it pretty cool too!