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Mar-17-2004, 11:43pm
I just ordered a Brekke Bridge, which are on Weber Mandolins. I plan on putting it on my new mandolin which is almost done, just waiting for the lacquer to cure.
Just wondering if any of you guys have used these and what is your opinion of this bridge.
I guess I should have asked this question before ordering, but it looks like a neat concept! Let me know your thoughts please,, http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif Yonkle

Mar-17-2004, 11:45pm
Got this one!

Mar-18-2004, 12:01am
I hate to post my opinion on these but I will. #I don't like them at all. #Loss of volume, less tone, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! #I would try the traditional Brekke bridge if you just want a Brekke!

Mar-18-2004, 12:02am
And Yonkle, as much time as you put in to your newly built mando, I would search and try several bridges. Especially Darryl Wolfe's.

Mar-18-2004, 7:36am
Yonkle, since you've already ordered it, you might enjoy this link, an easy modification for a handy guy like you. Great finishing job on your new axe. www.petercoombe.com/jaamim4.html

Mike Buesseler
Mar-18-2004, 9:33am
Yonkle, take these opinions with a grain of salt--including mine, I suppose.

The Brekke bridge IS a cool design. It may or may not give you the sound you want. I've had three, am now using two (sold a mandolin in there). Liked them all.

They sure are nice when you want to adjust your action WITH strings up to tension...

Also, check out Peter Coombe's modification to the Brekke. I just ordered another Brekke and after talking with Vern B., he's making those mods for me. He seemed interested to know how it was going to work for me, possibly to make the modifications standard (I'm not sure about this). I'm sure he would appreciate your feedback. If nothing else, I guarantee you will enjoy a phone call to Weber!

Mar-18-2004, 1:35pm
Yonkle, I love them. I have them on all three of my mandolins. My oldest one, an early Weber-signed Flatiron F5 Master Model, has had one on it for several years (late '90's?) I have never had a problem with it, never plan to take that bridge off it. It has all the volume and tone I could want. I also have a new Weber Bitterroot I bought this past Friday, it came with one on it. This one must be a newer Brekke model, the saddle is radiused as well as the base, to accomodate the arched fretboard on this mandolin.
I have nothing but good things to say about them and the results I have gotten.

Mar-18-2004, 7:58pm
I too have a Brekke on my Newson and it made a great difference for me. I bought it from Ken Cartwright and was lucky enough to have him install it for me. I'll never go back to the traditional bridge, the Brekke has a more balanced tone and I believe it gave me a little boost in the volume too.

Mar-19-2004, 1:37pm
My 00 Yellowstone came with a Brekke bridge and it sounded great. Just for kicks, I ordered a Loar bridge from Darryl Wolfe. Excellent workmanship and a nice price. Highly recommend. I A/B the 2 bridges and was not able to detect much difference in tone, volume or sustain. It seems the Brekke bridge produces different results on different Mandolins. The only way to know is to try one out. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mandosmiley.gif

Mar-19-2004, 1:42pm
I like mine, but I have not tried others since it came on my Yellowstone. So Can't really compare tone & volume. I do really dig the action adjustment while under tension thing. I like my action really low, and it's allowed me to get it juuuust as low as it will go w/o buzzing without having to loosen the tension every time.

Frank Russell
Mar-19-2004, 2:51pm
There were always things I liked about my mandos with Brekke bridges on them, and things I didn't. I always liked the chop I got with them, but seemed to get more volume with a traditional bridge. I will say that my last one sounded ten times better with the fossilized walrus ivory Brekke insert from Kurt Gisclair. More clarity, volume, with the old Brekke tone and chop I liked. Frank

Pete Martin
Mar-25-2004, 12:46pm
Anyone tried them on old Gibson oval holed A models? What do you think?

Oct-09-2013, 6:57pm
Have the Brekke bridges faded from use? Can you buy them anymore? Where? Thanks in advance

Oct-09-2013, 9:23pm
They can be seen at bridgerproducts.com and ordered through one of the listed dealers or by emailing bridgerproducts@hotmail.com.

To order directly, I will need the height of your bridge from the top of the instrument to the top of your saddle at your preferred playing height and whether your fretboard/saddle is flat or has a radius.

Vern Brekke
Bridger Products