View Full Version : Pickup & Mic

Mar-17-2004, 9:01pm
Iíve got a gig coming up and weíll have a limited time for the sound check. One of the songs Iím doing is Bluegrass Stomp. Iím lifting parts of it from Doc & Dawg, particularly where Grisman plays tremolo with the side of the pick down on the G and D strings. Itís a great whispery sound but it wonít cut through, even with the rest of the band playing quietly. Iím using a Schertler DYN-M and there will be a vocal mic easily accessible.

Would playing into the mic help me cut through?

Would there be any negative side effects, feedback, etc?


Mar-18-2004, 7:40am
I would imagine it would work fine and the mic should help with the sound and add low end and take out some of the brightness a pickup brings across.